Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mailbox Memories: The Unexpected

Today we present another challenge. But before we get to that... how many of you sent a letter to someone last week? Hmmmm???

Well, if not...then you have double duty this week.

First let's begin with a lesson. According to the USPS...

First-Class Mail
Minimum Weight: None.
Maximum Weight: 13 ounces (over 13 ounces, First-Class Mail becomes Priority Mail).
Letter Maximum Weight: 3.5 ounces.
Minimum Quantity to Mail at Commercial Prices: 500 pieces.
First-Class Mail letter-size pieces that are square, rigid or meet at least one of the nonmachinable characteristics are subject to the nonmachinable surcharge.
Flat-size pieces that are rigid, nonrectangular, or have uneven thickness will pay the parcel price.
All mailable matter can be mailed as First-Class Mail. Some things MUST be mailed as First-Class Mail (or Priority Mail), including:
  • Handwritten or typewritten material
  • Bills, statements of account or invoices, credit cards
  • Personal correspondence, personalized business correspondence
  • All matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection.

Great information, right? But what does this mean??? Well, readers and fellow sharers of merry... this means that the sky is literally the limit as to what you can mail. In fact, there are so many fun things that you can mail that a fellow blogger has an entire blog dedicated to just that. MAILING FUN THINGS.

Like a bouncy ball.

Or Sprinkles.

Or a disguise.

And a homemade HOPSCOTCH board.

Y'all. This momma is amazing. We salute her with the HAIL MERRY award. (Which doesn't actually exist, but it totally should).

::open notebook. make note of hail merry awards. debut in May.::

So our challenge to you.

Find something. Create something. Craft something. Buy something. That is 13 oz or less. Take pics of you packaging it all up and ask the receiver to take pics of getting it. And then send it in. Think of the fun mailbox memory you would create for someone. THIS IS AMAZING and we want to see how you share the merry!!!

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