Monday, March 3, 2014

Funny Farm...

Y'all didn't think we forgot about Christmas cards did you?? Our plan is to dedicate the first week of each month to showcasing our Christmas and Holiday card submissions until July and August when we will hit the ground running getting you all ready for the "show & tell season".

And... well, this card was submitted AGES ago and we LOVE it. Seriously adore that this family incorporated the whole family into holiday wishes!

Who: Cowboy & Cowgirl

Location: The Family's Farm in North Central Texas

Props: The farm's resident cows, donkeys, goats...and, last but not least, the grandkids! 

Clothes: Fortunately for everyone, these farm animals don't wear clothes. 

Comments: I custom designed a rustic look and feel for this Christmas card to match the country theme. The clients provided a dozen or so darling pics of some of the animals that live on their farm and, in order to include as many as possible, I created a collage of photos on the front and back. The back of the card also listed their current contact information. These cards were professionally printed on thick, 100 lb premium paper. 

Designer: Shayla Groves at design finch 

Photographer: Weekend Cowgirl 

Favorite Thing: The adorable animals, of course! The clients love their farm animals (they each have names!) and wanted them to be the highlight of this year's Christmas card. The photo of Lily the Donkey on the front makes me laugh every time! The clients loved the rustic woodgrain background and raved that all of their friends are going to love receiving this card in the mailbox. 

Blog: Design Finch


What do the Momma's think? Ummmm. We think this is so fun and a delightfully charming way to spread the merry. Merry Momma C is a farm girl (cotton) and has thought about incorporating that into her cards or family pictures. (The whole 7 hour drive home tends to get in the way). We love that this family found a way to showcase their every day with their loved ones.

How can you recreate this card? Work is a big part of most people's lives... whether we want it to be or not. Find a way to showcase your hobbies, interests, work or favorite past times into your cards. This gives it an extra personal feel and lets your friends and loved ones that may not get to see you in person as often as you would like see the real life that happens every day!

Get PINspired:

  1. Merry Momma K's 2012 card was all about her hubbies job
  2. Merry Momma C's 2013 card highlighted the huge successes in her hubbies job
  3. We added some fun pins to our animal board!
  4. We love the idea of a farm inspired card. Check out this gorgeous barn, this twinkling tractor, and this horse stable (we know a family that should do this!).
  5. You don't have to be a farmer/rancher to let that inspire your card. Check out this big kid on this tractor, we love the tone on tone of this family pic, and this barn with photoshop for the win!

Know any fabulous rustic places around your area?? Share in the comments below! We love to hear from you...

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