Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Texas Week: Bluebonnets

You can't talk about Texas - and run a blog that discusses photography - without mentioning our state flower - the BLUEBONNET!

According to The Handbook of Texas from the Texas State Historical Association on March 7, 1901, the twenty seventh Texas Legislator adopted the bluebonnet, flower of the annual legume Lupinus subcarnosus, as the state flower.

Texas, of course, has a Bluebonnet Festival.  You should check it out!  Chappell Hill is right down the road from the Merry Mommas...we might see you there.

And...y'all.  Check out this website - Texas Bluebonnet Sightings. Yes. It is a website totally dedicated to help YOU find bluebonnets!
You. Are. Welcome. The Merry Mommas are here to serve! :)

And it's easy to see why they are our state flower, we have festivals for them and a website dedicated to finding them -- bluebonnets are just beautiful, aren't they!

They are so stinking beautiful that you just have to plop your kids, dog, etc. right down in a huge field and take your annual bluebonnet picture!

See, bluebonnet pictures are so FAMOUS that the New York Times even did a story on them, read it here.

We have a special treat for you all tomorrow (think EXPERTS) regarding bluebonnet pictures, but for now enjoy these beautiful pictures:

We love this!

And, y'all. You know how Texas does everything right and we are the best state around...well. Texas Aggies do everything right and are the best and we created our own bluebonnet -

Gig 'em!

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