Monday, March 17, 2014

Texas Week: Merry Christmas Y'all!

A couple of things...
1. We are from Texas
2. We love Texas
3. Texas & Christmas...well, it doesn't get much better than that!

Seriously, though...we do love our state and we love and laugh at how much pride Texans have.
We are going to take this week to highlight some of this Texas Pride.
We hope you all (even if you aren't Texan) enjoy it!

This picture was taken at Santa's Wonderland.
A huge, awesome, fun place that features MILLIONS of lights
and the best Texas Christmas "stuff" ever.

Are you thinking...what is a "Texas Christmas"? you go!

Texas Trees!
 Decorate your tree with Texas themed ornaments!

Or use a cactus as your tree!

 Or EVEN BETTER - use tumbleweeds!
(Merry Momma C is from the land of tumbleweeds and is so stinking
excited there is a good use for these pesky things!)

And what goes on the trees??
 Texas Ornaments, of course!
 (here, here, here)

After you get your tree decorated, it's time to send Christmas Cards!
 (tree, state)
Zazzle and Texas Trading Post both have LOTS and LOTS of great Texas Christmas Cards.

This one from Zazzle might be our favorite!
 Ice skating on the River Walk!

Now that you have a tree decorated with ornaments and the cards are sent out, you can set out some Texas themed cookies for Santa!

And, because everyone LOVES Rudolph, including Texans

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