Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow dogs

WhoThe Groves

Location: Front photo taken at River Valley Ranch in Carbondale, CO. Back photo taken in the snow in Snowmass, CO. 

Props: Mt. Sopris and our two crazy dogs.

Clothes: Well, you can't really see our outfits since it was too cold to take off our huge jackets. But the dogs are modeling their stylish coats from Ruffwear.

Comments: We moved from Oklahoma to Colorado the week between Christmas and New Year's and, in the midst of moving chaos, kinda missed the boat on sending out Christmas cards. I decided to do a combined New Year's and new address card instead. We took advantage of one of the many fabulous backdrops that Colorado has to offer by posing in front of Mt. Sopris. For the dogs' photo, I wrote their names in the snow with my finger and then bribed them (with a ridiculous amount of treats!) to "sit" and "stay" while I snapped a few photos. They are never this well behaved, so capturing this photo was a Christmas miracle indeed! 

DesignerShayla Groves

PhotographerShayla Groves (Self portraits taken with our camera's timer setting and a tripod.)

Favorite Thing: Real snow! As new Coloradans, snow was still a novelty when these photos were taken. A year later, as I sit here writing this post and the temp outside is currently negative(!!!) 6 degrees, snow has kind of lost its luster.  I'm dreaming of a tropical backdrop for our next Christmas card.

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Merry Momma's Thoughts: We echo her sentiment about real snow! Y'all - it is gorgeous and delightful and would never happen in our neck of the woods.  We also love the cute touch of adorableness from those pups - we think that Denver is saying, "what the heck are they making us stand out in the cold for?!?!" 

How can you recreate this card? Move to where it snows!


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1. Well, we do have an entire board dedicated to snow
2. We love this snow pic and the great job of coordinating outfits!
4. We LOVE that they did a New Year's card - so we created another board just for that! 

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