Monday, March 31, 2014

Because it's better to fool than be fooled

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day - and that's no joke. We actually talked about doing a fake post, but none of our ideas were that believable. Or funny.

Instead... we want to help you, dear readers, on pulling off some fun pranks of your own! We present to you ....

Now, rest assured that these are SIMPLE. Because, like us, you probably have 10582 things to do and also like us, you may be lazy. In our day celebrating St. Patricks meant wearing something green. We may be a bit crazy on the photo sessions, but that only happens every few months. Day to day we are normal, under-achieving moms. These pranks are easy, quick and require no mess making. Enjoy.

1. Make some Brown-Es - This is perfect because we are lazy and not very good at baking. Ingredients: Brown construction paper. Directions: Cut out "Es" in paper, place in a brownie pan, cover with foil. Leave them out with a sign that says "help yourself!".

2. Cereal switch - switch the inner bags of cereal to different boxes and see how long it takes the family to notice. 

3. Spray-day - Rubberband the spray nozzle on the sink so that it immediately sprays as soon as someone turns it on. (Merry Momma K and her brother did this one regularly at home. :)) 

4. If the food had eyes - Stick googely eyes to the food in the fridge

(No source)

5. Breakfast fools (this is only for the over-achievers out there)

6. Catching fools - Send a text to your nearest and dearest saying, "Hey! I lost my phone, can you call it ?"

7. Water colors - If you have any bath color pellets for the kiddos, place a couple under the faucet cap and watch their faces when they go to brush their teeth.

8. This - 


9. And finally, if you are feeling extra into the spirit of the day:

Have a fun day tomorrow! Post some pictures if you use any of these ideas!

(What? You thought we were going to post 10? Got ya! ;))

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