Tuesday, April 1, 2014

To "dye" for Christmas card

WhoChad, Lamar, Emory, Anne Carson, Andrew and Luke Ontko

Location: Bryan, TX.  Field off Hwy 21

Props: Bench- borrowed from a friend

Clothes: Most clothes purchased on ebay and from our closets. (Which is something the Merry Momma's LOVE...SHOP YOUR CLOSETS, dear readers!) I got the scarf at Maurice's.  Emory's shirt is from Justice, Anne Carson's dress is Children's Place.  I believe Luke's shirt was originally from Target (however, I got it at Once Upon a child).  My shirt was from Ebay, and Chad's was from his closet.  I prefer finding items we already own, if possible and consigning for as much as we can.

Comments: I really enjoy designing cards myself.  I got the "paper" as a free download.  Then I used a bit of the color in Chad's shirt to match us up.  I wanted to emphasize what Christmas is really about with our card.  Sarah rocked the pictures, so I wanted to show them off. 

Designer: Me!

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography 

Favorite Thing: Being IN the card.  As a fellow photographer, I'm NEVER in pictures.  I love how effortlessly Sarah engages our family and gets true emotions from them. 

Merry Mommas Thoughts: First of all, we think that a family of 6 looks amazing together. They just look stunning and so happy. These colors work so well together and are just timeless. Lamar did a great job of coordinating everyone without being matchy! We love the individual shots of the kiddos that capture their sweet personalities in this one tiny moment of time. 

How can you recreate this card?: Have four babies and still look 20 years old. No? The key to this is to be in your element. Nothing fancy or over the top - just simply be you! We love this card so much! We don't even know this sweet family (formally) but we feel like we do because they welcomed us in! Thanks, Ontko family!

Get PINspired: We were inspired by Lamar's blog and business (if you didn't click on that link, then go do it now. Seriously. Go. She dye's her own yarn and it's beautiful!!!) so we looked for images and cards that had some type of yarn ... 

  1. You can use yarn to display your card
  2. Yarn bombs? You've never heard of them? Us either and how sad we are... they are PRECIOUS!
  3. Yarn for Rosco and yarn for babies
  4. Frosty the Yarnman
  5. Words in yarn
  6. And check out this fun idea for yarn embellishments

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