Thursday, April 17, 2014

Presents Week: Mommas!

Hi! Hopefully you are reading this because your lovely wife's best friend forwarded you this "blog" thing to read and you are wondering - What. In. The. World. Well, blogs are cool. They are sort of like sports message boards, but without all the arrests (Yes, we're looking at you Texas A&M!), the drama of where some 18 year old is going to play a sport and the "sports words". {Sports words are what Merry Momma Cindy's granny calls cuss words…because you should only use them when your team does something really really really bad. Like have three players arrested on one day!} Anyway…back to the point of the post…Mother's Day is right around the corner and you should really try hard to knock the socks off of your wife because (1) she's awesome - she married you! (2) she works hard - at everything (3) she's a great mom and loves your kiddos.

And the Merry Mommas are here to help! We did a very scientific poll and came up with THE ABSOLUTE BEST Mother's Day gifts ever!

So we present:

Gift: Jewelry
Unlimited Budget Guy - This box is from Tiffany's. Buy your baby's momma something from this store. Seriously, she will love it if it comes in one of these beautiful boxes. Maybe something like this!

Regular Joe - So, maybe Tiffany's is a little out of your price range…no worries - Kendra Scott is here to help! Her stuff is all the rage! The earrings are most popular, but her other jewelry is super popular too! We really like these Danielle earrings in Iridescent Tangerine.

The Kiddos - Hubsands, listen. We would all LOVE something from Tiffany's or Kendra Scott…but the most meaningful gifts are the one that you and the kiddos make together. So a bracelet like the one below…well, it's priceless!

Gift: Pictures
Unlimited Budget Guy - Now, y'all know the Merry Mommas wouldn't/couldn't have a post about presents for MOMMAS if it didn't involve PICTURES! A great gift for your lovely lady would be what we would call - The ALL INCLUSIVE PHOTO SHOOT. Give her an unlimited budget for the photographer, the clothes and of course the prints. This gift will give for years to come when you glance over at the mantel and see your gorgeous family in a 24" x 36" canvas

Regular Joe - Grab the camera, your family and go do your own photo session. Get the best ones printed, buy cute frames and give them to Momma. She'll love that you took the time to take pictures and give her a "complete" product. Many of you will be in your Easter best this weekend, so Sunday would be a good day to start this gift!

The Kiddos - Y'all. This. Makes. A. Mommas'. Heart. Melt.
by Caroline (She said this was before she had sisters! Ha!)

Gift: Relaxation
Unlimited Budget Guy - Ummm. So. We totally googled "best spa in Scottsdale" and this popped up: The Canyon Suites at the Phoenician.  Looks good to us! Book the flight, the hotel and a full day of spa treatments. While your at it, book the same thing for your baby Momma's bestie! You will for sure win *Hubby of the Year*! Nothing rejuvenates a Momma like a weekend away!

Regular Joe - Maybe spending $5K for Mother's Day wasn't in the Dave Ramsey plan…don't fret! A few hours at the local spa getting a massage and a pedi are great ways to treat the Momma in your life!

The Kiddos - Bring the Spa home and involve the kids! Let them wash feet, massage them and lather them with lotion. Then hand over the Piggie Paint and let them paint Momma!

We hope you found some great gift ideas in our post, but before you go she have one more thing to add…

Every Momma we talked to had fun things they wanted, like the stuff above…but EVERY single one of them also mentioned that they wanted TIME. Time with their kiddos and time with their spouses.

So, this Mother's Day instead of spending lots of $$$ on "stuff"…figure out how and when you can spend TIME together! It seems to be the most popular want this year!

Much love!
The Merry Mommas

PS - The giveaway Rafflecopter thing and us are having a fight! We'll announce the WINNER to the Jenn Straznicky photo session as soon as the fight is over! Sorry!!!!

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