Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WWLW: Free fun


We should confess something to you... but don't judge.

We are cheap.

Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. CHEAP.

As in "chipper chickin" cheap. (Bonus points for the person that can name that reference.)

Now, don't get us wrong. We can (and have) (and will) spend money when we need to.

(Like on supplies needed for a photo shoot.)

(Or bad for you food.)

(Or gifts for other people.)

(Or a random Tuesday at Target.)

But, other than that. We like to watch what we spend.

Partly because we are crazy. And mostly because we want to be smart, make the most of our money and figure out the fun things we can do that are inexpensive.

Merry Momma K here. Last year I declared Fridays in spring as "Free Fun Friday".  Merry Hubby R works kind of late sometimes and by the end of the week, exhaustion had set in. I needed something for those last 4 hours of the week.


The first week was a HUGE success...

We just kept picking a new park every week and went on adventures. I would pack a picnic dinner or we grabbed pizza and had some free fun. We talked the Munsons into joining us, too.

Now that spring has decided to hit Texas, we are resuming Free Fun Fridays with new parks and playgrounds and tons of places to explore. We are kind of lucky to live in a town that has TONS of parks and green space, but not everyone may be in the same boat. 

And sometimes it's fun to mix it up. 

So, we decided to share some ideas that are on our list for FREE FUN FRIDAYS.... enjoy!

1. Treasure hunt - go to a park and set out some items for the kids to find. Have a check list and make sure you know where you put them because you don't want to litter. Super easy. Super entertaining. 

2. Visit a pet store - this is so simple. We have done this a few times and the kids love it!

3. Wash cars - Grab some buckets, fill them with soapy water, throw in some sponges and slather on the sunscreen. Even if the car only comes out partially clean, the kids will love it and if your car is anything like ours... partially clean is better than normal. 

4. Visit a local fire station - the firemen (and women) are so kind and love giving tours. No need for an appointment - you can show up. (We like to bring cookies!)

5. Go on a nature scavenger hunt - make a list of things to "spy" and head out on a hike

6. Tours - Ask local businesses if they will give you a tour and show your kids how things work behind the scenes.

7. Fly a kite - Ok, so technically you have to buy kites, but you can get those at the dollar store.

8. Go to the library - We forget about this too much and every time we go the kids have a blast. Check your local library out!

9. Curate an art show with chalk - Turn your sidewalk into a museum and let the kids go crazy.


What else is on your list? 

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