Monday, April 7, 2014

Graduation Week: The Pictures

Can you believe it? Graduation is right around the corner! Crazy cakes that another year has flown by. We are sure all you senior mommas (and dads) are stocking up on the tissue. Whether it's your first or last... high school or college ... watching anyone you love grow up and move on is so bittersweet.

And it really does happen so fast - wasn't it just yesterday that we were getting ready for our senior year?!? Funny how much you pray for an end of something only to look back and sometimes wish you could get right back in the safety of it all.

So before we go down that road...back on point.


It's about to happen and with that comes things like college prep/job prep/life prep.. but also FUN stuff like PICTURE PREP!

Now you're talking our love language!

We scoured the inter webs for some inspiration and here are some of our top picks.

We are going to start with two of our favorite collages that we found. First up, the men. This was actually pretty hard to find. (Well, in the 25 minutes we spent looking). But seriously, most of the pics we found were for the females - we didn't find near as much inspiration for guys and for that we apologize. Guys - it's ok for you to take pictures too!

 Next up the ladies. We big fat puffy heart these two collages. Sweet with a little sass but most importantly class!!

(And now allow us to step up on the soap box for a minute. Ladies...You are 18... act your age. Quit trying to look so much older than you are. Laugh. Giggle. Be silly - it does wonders for your soul. All these pictures of young ladies looking, well, not very lady like did not make the cut. And there are so many out there! I just want to scream at the screen and say, "HAVE YOUR PARENTS SEEN THESE?!?!")

Ok - stepping down.

His and Hers Photography did an awesome job on if only we were in Iowa! ;)

And this from Pink Fly is also great!  

We also looked for some pics that showcased specific interests.

Like horse lovers...

(No original source)

The sporty type...

(Soccer - no source; Basketball - no original source; Baseball)

(Basketball - no original source, Track, Volleyball)

Make sure to make these pictures reflect you as you are. What are you into? What sets you apart? We loved this picture ... and why wouldn't you? Chucks are awesome!

We are normally not big fans of glitter. Especially in the "kid art work" category. But this picture by Brandy Waters is ADORABLE!

(What's not adorable is the 100s of feet pics with class years written on the bottom of DIRTY feet. Y'all - feet pics are ok... if you WASH your feet!)

Pictures can also tell stories... and graduation is a road waiting to be travelled. 

(No source)

We also like the idea of taking pictures in spaces that mean something - like your favorite building on campus. 

Or with all the books that got you there...

(No source).

Or, with the PEOPLE that got you there...

It's such a fun time - make sure to make the most of it and all the fun it has to offer!

Check out this post by Studio K for even more ideas. And make sure to check our Picture Perfect Board on Pinterest - we will be adding ideas all week!

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