Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer Camp Week! (Letters From Home)

Hi friends! It's Merry Momma Cindy and I'm here to talk about LETTERS FROM HOME!

Think back to summer 1994...what were you doing? Were you in college? Having a baby? In elementary school? Relaxing at the pool?

Want to know what I was doing? I was attending Girls State. Ever heard of it? Y'all, it's a summer camp about government.  Yes, government. I was (and I guess still am) that girl. I went to a camp about government. And, then I went to Texas A&M and studied government. Interesting, huh!

Anyway...Girls State is OLD SCHOOL. There was NO phone, (And this was 1994, NO ONE had a cell phone that you put in your pocket and few even had phones in their cars {collective gasp from the audience under 25}) NO TV and you could only receive mail.  It was a surreal 5 day experience.

And when this happened all of the Girls State girls had to READ about it!

Yes, I READ about the OJ Simpson chase. Can you even imagine the day those letters came in...all of us girls were like, "What does your letter say?" "He did what?" "OJ Simpson - the football guy?" "White bronco, what?" Y'all...it was nuts!

And, it forever ingrained in me the importance of a well written letter from home! And I'm not alone. In fact, there is an entire website called Letters to Camp.  They came up with this nifty little ditty below. It is basically everything you needed to know about how to write the perfect camp letter!

And check out this fun idea so that you *maybe* get a letter back from your camper!

And for those of you out there knowing your child may only spend about half a second writing you back, there are fill in the blank Camp Stationery:

In our world today, most people don't go more than an hour or two without sending a text to their nearest and dearest...but Summer Camp can change that...and maybe that's good.  We should all try to spread the MERRY with a little hand written letter! Can't wait to read one from you!

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