Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WWLW: Thank You Notes


We are Katy and Cindy and we write a blog about mail. What? You already knew that? Great...then we can proceed with today's topic of THANK YOU NOTES.

Now, we have addressed how impactful a thank you note can be before, and it's true. To this day when I get a note of gratitude, for whatever reason, I smile. And, it turns out the New York Times has been reading our blog because, well, this.

So, you get it - thank you notes are important. So now what?

Well, NOW we tell you how to write the PERFECT thank you note. (Make sure to pin this because you will want it later if for nothing else but to share with your kids!)

Before you get started you need to know who you are writing to...hopefully you kept record of who brought gifts to the party as well as what was given. But you should also make note of people that attended, mailed gifts, or helped in any way with the set up. Lots of times parents get over looked because it's "expected" that they will help/pay for everything...surprise them with a sweet note too. I even mailed Merry Husband R and the kids a note after my birthday and they LOVED it.

1. Greeting - Make sure you spell names correctly and address the recipient appropriately. You should know whether or not Dr. Bob prefers to be called Dr. Bob or Dr. Smith.

2. Say thanks - There are lots of ways to say thank you. Some of our favorites include...

  • Thank you so much for...
  • I can't tell you how much I love...
  • I was so grateful for...
  • My day was made by...
3. In the details - Make sure to add something specific or special about an item. 
  • Landry laughs every time the music turns on her new toy.
  • I can't wait to buy new stuff to decorate my new dorm room with the money
4. Look ahead - Let them know that you look forward to seeing them again at the next birthday/wedding/family celebation.

5. Thanks again - Yep. Thank them again.
  • Thanks again for...
  • Again, I truly appreciate...
  • Your thoughtfulness meant so much to me... 
6. Closing Time - Pick an appropriate closing line.
  • Sincerely 
  • With love
  • Your friend
  • All my best
Make a goal to get all notes written within one month of receiving the gift. That should be more than enough time to get a note written and mailed. 

Trust us - you will be so glad you did!!

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