Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Presents Week: Kiddos

The toy room is overflowing, we get it - trust us - BUT it's fun to buy gifts for kiddos! We did some major research (read, we talked to our friends) and came up with a great list of things to buy for the kiddos! We talked to mommas that have kids ranging in age from two to twelve and it was so interesting...even though there is a 10 year gap, most of the gifts were the same, just the level of intensity or hardness was different!

And because we know you like (and expect) some form of organization from our gift giving guide, we present:

Friend in Class - Girl
Frozen. Anything Frozen. Anything - the movie (7 copies isn't too many), coloring books, dress up clothes (good luck finding those), books (encourage reading), wigs (Elsa's hair is AMAZING!) and especially the CD.

Friend in Class - Boy
Legos. Legos are the bomb. And kids (both boys and girls) love to build things. Legos come in lots of different characters and price ranges. Legos are always a go-to gift for the Merry Mommas!

The kindergarteners are wearing them, the college girls are making them - everyone one loves them...the Rainbow Loom braclets, necklaces and other fun things are the RAGE! Be the cool aunt or uncle and buy this:

Y'all. Radley (Merry Momma Katy's son) and Josh (Merry Momma Cindy's husband) both received a got pocket knife as a gift this year ... and ... THEY BOTH LOVED THEM! We mean like crazy loved them. We think and know that boys like weapons - from nerf guns to swords to bb guns. So embrace all things boy and teach your kiddos how to use a pocket knife responsibly.

The marketing gurus behind American Girl are GENIUSES! That place is amazing. Merry Momma recently took Caroline to the store to purchase her first doll and it was a magical experience. The price tag is a little high, but man - the quality, the detail, the fun of the entire experience was great!

Video gaming systems seem to be a BIG HUGE rage with the boy moms and judging by the number of adult men we know that play these games, they seem to be a rage with all males! So…go ahead, get the cool newest Xbox and learn how to play soccer (on a video game) or fight the bad guys (or be one).

Be sure to check to blog tomorrow!
We will announce the winner of the Jenn Straznicky photo shoot!

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