Monday, April 21, 2014

Summer Camp Week! (Lunch Box Notes)

Over the last two weeks the Merry Fams have had a group email going back and forth about --- SUMMER CAMPS! Yes, our oldest children are now 6 years old and about to (wait for it) GRADUATE Kindergarten! (We totally could argue both sides of all these celebrations, but since they are our kids, it's precious and priceless…moving on.) So, what happens after KINDERGARTEN? Summer! And while there will be MUCH splashing in pools and lazing around the house, we also think the kiddos may enjoy some camps…and there are about 14,276 just in the BCS area to consider. All this camp talk led to discussions about spreading the MERRY at camps…so here it is - SUMMER CAMP Week!

We are starting off on the "easy" end of the spectrum and actually going to discuss LUNCH BOX NOTES! We know that packing a lunch really begins with school and if you think about it "school" is just a really really really long camp that happens in every season but summer. BUT, it is the first time you really send your kid off somewhere to be cared for by others. So, let's discuss LUNCH BOX NOTES.

Here's a GREAT example of and AWESOME lunch box note from Ryan to Radley! Isn't this just the best! And why is it the best?
1. Ryan knows Radley's passion - Sharks!
2. It expresses an emotion - Love!
3. It uses familiar terms - Buddy!
4. And it was made by hand!

We pinned lots of examples of LUNCH BOX NOTES to our Pinterest page and we love them all. (Go look!) They are cute and fun and darling. And we use notes like those often to brighten up the kiddos' or the hubbies' day, but know that a note that spreads the MERRY (of any kind) doesn't have to be on fancy paper or take 20 minutes to produce or cost lots of money - it just needs to show that you know the receiver and you care about them!

Spread the MERRY this week via Lunch Box Notes and post them to our Facebook Page!
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  1. Star and heart shaped post-it notes have been a lunch note saver for me. Last minute lunch notes can still look cute.
    Any tips on which summer camps to pick for kiddos graduating from Kindergarten? Thanks for the tips!

  2. I want to find a good old-fashioned Summer camps in Atlanta with canoes on the lake, teams with their own shirt colors, buddy work, camp fires, boyscout’ish stuff. You know? Like you see in the old disney movies from that show with the Triple R ranch. What was that called?


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