Monday, April 14, 2014

Presents Week: Going to the Chapel

Hello friends! We hope you all had a great weekend!

We have a surprise for you -- WE EXTENDED THE GIVEAWAY!

Yep, you have until Tuesday, April 15th at midnight (we are kind like the IRS {hahaha!}) to enter. In case you forgot, we have partnered with the talented Jenn Straznicky of Jenn Straznicky Photography to give away a FREE senior photo session.  Isn't her work great!

We have to admit we are a tad shocked more of you haven't' entered.
Tell all your friends that have JUNIORS or SENIORS in high school or college about this giveaway.
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Jenn's work is amazing and its a FREE photo session!
You know, FREE, like in a present!!!

And guess what we are talking about today?


Wedding presents to be exact!

It's that time of year…your mailbox is probably full of MERRY in the form of this:

Or this:

And aren't weddings just the best!

Here's a look at ours:

Aren't we precious (and young!)!

Anyway…we LOVE going to weddings and sharing the MERRY through GREAT gifts!

So…there are couple a ways to go - registry or non-registry gifts. Honestly, we could argue for and against both, but we think you need to think about the couple, your relationship to them and honestly, the time factor (sometimes you run into Dillard's on the way to the wedding!). Also, keep in mind that you may be invited to a shower or two or maybe even six before the wedding! Budget and plan accordingly!

So without any further ado…

And we have categories and price ranges because OF COURSE! :)

$ - Practical: Pyrex (or any brand, really) dishes
Who doesn't use these? They are great for leftovers and work perfectly to transport your awesome brownies to your MIL's house! #winningdaughterinlaw #notstarvingherbabyboy

$$ - Practical: Sheets
Everyone needs two or three sets of sheets and think - in a few years if you are tired of them you can use them as drop clothes as you paint the baby room! #threeminutesafteraweddingpeopleaskaboutbabies 

$$$ - Practical: Kitchen Aid Mixer
It's pretty and makes food! #awesome #usefuldecor

$ - Not so practical: Cheese Board
It's pretty and fancy and the one time you use it you're glad you have it…but, it really isn't that practical. #unlessyoueatfancycheeseeveryday #withwine #wecandream

$$ - Not so practical: Bar Set
This present was probably bought by the hubby's single guy friend. And it is a really cool gift! That housewarming party just got real. But, again…not that practical. #icebucketnowholdssippycups 

$$$ - Not so practical: Crystal Vase
Y'all. We love the look of crystal and the thought of this vase full of beautiful flowers does make us smile…but, it also makes us think 'OMG, you could have taken me to a night out on the town and paid for a babysitter with that cash'. But, it is pretty and more than likely you won't buy it for yourself! #moms #canyousellthisstuffonebay #registerforit #maybeauntbetsywillbuyit 

$ - Meaningful: Picture Frame with Bible verse or quote
Many couples have scripture or a famous quote read during their wedding ceremony, wouldn't be awesome to have those words on a picture frame! #sweet #remindsyouoftheday 

$$ - Meaningful: Important Dates Plaque
Don't you just love this! What a wonderful home decore item, it holds a picture (score!), is meaningful (duh!) and gently reminds everyone (not calling out the men!) of your anniversary date. #whoreallyforgetstheiranniversary #notthemerryhubbies #weremindthem

$$$ - Meaningful: Bridal Bouquet Preservation
Y'all. Flowers are EXPENSIVE! And then you just have to throw them away or give them to an old folks home?!?! Nope, you don't! Give one of your besties this amazing gift - the gift of preserving their bouquet. #flowersthatdonotdie #homedecore #anothergentleweddingdatereminder

**Special thanks to our friends Kelly and Donna who helped us out with this post…they are both a little more recently married than us!

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