Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Easter Week!

Hi friends! Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner! Many people use Easter as a time to have family pictures done and the Merry Mommas think that is SMART! One outfit, two purposes! :) We'll discuss Easter/Spring clothing later this week, so stay tuned…but today we are talking EASTER ANIMALS! Yes, lots and lots of people have professional pictures made of their children with Easter animals and we think it is just too adorable!  

First up, DUCKS!

Sweet little ones dressed up as ducks! We're QUACKIN' about it!

Sweet little ones with LIVE ducks…oh goodness!
Y'all…if you have never checked out Munchkins and Mohawks, do it now!
We love their work! Here's another darling duck session.

Wellies, baby tummy and ducks…Jinky Art knows how to photograph a duck (and a kiddo!)

And now on to BUNNIES!

Live bunnies make awesome PROPS!
(Cloud Dust Photography, we can't find the original source :( )

Again, you can't go wrong with dressing your baby up like a cute little bunny!

Merry Momma C & K are both little sisters and we TOTALLY *KNOW* this was the oldest siblings idea!

If you don't want a live bunny or a dressed up bunny,
you can always go with the classic childhood toy bunny!
We LOVE a tone-on-tone picture!

A bunny is an always friend!

Bunny Tails!

And after you take all these cute bunny pictures, what do you do with them? YOU SHARE THE MERRY, of course!

We love all of these bunny cards!

And for the non-bunny cards:

And…if you have a cute picture of your kid on your iPhone…order this ADORABLE CARD!

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