Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mailbox Memories: 40 Days

Spring is the time of year you often hear about people making sacrifices all in the name of Lent.

No cokes. (Which really meands DPs).

No chocolate.

No yelling at kids.

Or husbands.

Or dogs.

(Who are we kidding... we could never not yell at our husbands).


And sometimes people choose not to make a sacrifice, but rather to offer a service.

Be kinder.

Be more patient.

Pray every hour.

In the 4th grade, Merry Momma K decided she would make her bed every day without being asked. And from then on, she has made her bed {almost} every day since.

We love the idea of committing to one small act that can brighten the day of someone else. So, we greet you for one more Thursday with a new challenge.

We know. That seems like a lot. But it isn't.

10 minutes, tops, a day.

10 minutes of your time to bring an immeasurable amount of love, admiration, joy, and gladness to someone else.

You don't get much more merry than that.

AND... we have a list. (Because of course we do).

(Now, you can veer from the list (although we don't know why you would), this is just to get you thinking.)

Some of the items on the list are hard. And we did that on purpose. It's not always easy to admit when you're wrong.

Forgiveness is difficult to offer.

What do you say to someone you've never met?

We understand - we are unsure how we are going to do it all, too.

But in the end, we think that you will so glad you did.

The letters can be notes in some cases. Emails, even FB messages, are fine in some cases....maybe even necessary.

If 40 days is too short, then do it in 50. The point is to commit to doing it.

The list includes...

There you have it. We hope you take the challenge with us and tell us about it.

Here's to spreading the merry one mailbox at a time!

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