Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WWLW: Sisterhood


Sisterhood comes in all shapes, all sizes, all spectrums. 

It can be Ya Ya.

It can Travel

Whether you are sisters by birth or bond, sisterhood is real. And meaningful. And vulnerable. Some of my most treasured people are my sisters in letters, my sisters in motherhood, my sisters in Christ. 

My sisters share laughs. They give love. They do life with me. 

 They don't tell me what I want to hear... they tell me what I need to hear.

They don't judge or criticize. They never stop loving me. They never stop challenging me. They never stop making me think. Or act. Or serve. Or grow. They pray with me. They pray FOR me. 

Sisterhood is unmatched. Unbreakable. Unbroken. Sisterhood is about being more than a relative or's about being connected at the heart. 

You can cause trouble with sisters. 

(Source unknown)

You can be you with sisters.

Sisters don't just make promises. They keep them.This is the story of a Big Sis in Delta Zeta keeping a promise to her Little Sis. Grab the tissues because you will need them. 

We love sisterhood. And we are so glad that you are part of ours. 

What does sisterhood mean to you? We would love to hear about it. 

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