Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Couples Week: The Married Max's

Who: Donna and Travis Max

Location: Robert Carr Chapel, TCU Campus and Ashton Depot, Fort Worth, Texas

Props: Sparklers!

Clothes: Our wedding finery

Designer: Minted

Photographer: Front - Lauren Aves of Aves Photographic Design and Back - Meredith Max Hoenig (the groom's sister)

Favorite Thing: Both sides of the card completely capture the way we felt that day. The front reminds me of the feeling between us - we were in our own little space even though we were in front of hundreds of people.  The back shows the joy we felt in sharing this special moment with our family and friends.

Aren't love stories fun...
We met on eHarmony, communicated just a few times before we met in person and an old fashioned courtship ensued.  I may have have Merry Momma C evaluate Travis' eHarmony profile before I went on a date with him.  Lucky for both of us, he passed her test!  I called Merry Momma C after that first date and told her I had met my husband so I think we picked pretty well!

The Merry Mommas' Thoughts: We love this card for LOTS of reasons.  First, we do know this couple (clearly, if you read above! ;)) and we are just so over the moon excited for them and their marriage. But on a more "we like to critique Christmas cards so much we started a blog sort of way" we love this card because of the great picture on front that highlights the couple's faces. We love the use of the light blue text - it gives the card a coolish feeling while still oozing love (we are all over technical terms these days!). We love the sparkler picture! Meredith is a great photographer, but it is not her profession.  We love that they used the words LOVE, JOY and PEACE ... because that is what a marriage can bring you and we all need that reminder!  (Can I get an AMEN from the crowd!?!)

How can you recreate this card? Because getting married is typically a once in a lifetime event, you can't just create a "wedding" themed Christmas card...but you know what you can do?  You can use whatever fun/exciting/new event happens in your life on your card.  Baby or baby announcement - yep, baby cards are darling! New car or house - share that exciting news! Awesome vacation - vacation smiles are the best!
Get PINspired:
  1. Our Wedding Bells board is full of great ideas if you use wedding pictures as Christmas cards.
  2. And as we mentioned yesterday we LOVE baby announcement cards! (And isn't it fun to look at a picture of happy couples!
  3. Here's the Oh Baby! board in case you didn't click on it yesterday.  Showcasing a baby or announcing that you are having a baby always brings happy tears to the Merry Mommas' eyes.
  4. Sharing the merry of a new home is a great way to update your family and friends on your address and send them holiday greetings!
  5. Is the vacation of a lifetime planned for your family?  Maybe the Grand Canyon, Paris or the Pyramids!  If so, please take a pic and use it as your Christmas card...we think it would be just so delightful and MERRY! And don't forget to share it with us!
  6. And for your viewing pleasure...more happy couples!  It is Couples' Week after all!

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