Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WWLW: Milestone Celebrations

What can we say... we are a sucker for celebrating big. Even the smallest things are a big deal to us... so give us an actual special occasion and we may need to be restrained.

And sometimes all of that work and effort may not get the reaction we hoped...but it is definitely worth it. And milestones aren't called milestones for nothing... so pull out all the stops and do something unexpected!!

So... we present to you our favorite ideas for celebrating those milestone birthdays....


Take a cue from Letterman and do a Top Ten List.

Or take a cue from Warren Buffet and make it rain via gum drops and money. (The picture doesn't have a source but it was pinned with the idea of hiding 10 $10 in the jar.)


Let the whole world know that it's a day worth celebrating (or hiding!)

Be the ULTIMATE parent/grandparent/bestie with this. (And then adopt us because this is super fun!) (And clearly this person doesn't exist because there was no source for this picture).


You are finally out of your teens!!! And that's about it. (Ha!)


The thirties definitely became the wine decade. And what better way to celebrate that new found maturity than with some personal wine labels.


Give the gift of Christie, Lewis, Shakespeare, Rowling, Tolkein, and Shankle. Have forty friends send their favorite book to the birthday boy or girl.


Rock that age - and let them know that they should too! Find 50 rocks and have people write messages, memories and quotes. Because half a century is something to ROCK!


Sixty words or MORE... get everyone in on the celebration. Read this story and think about how awesome it would be to receive and GIVE this gift!

Have any other ideas on how to celebrate a milestone? We'd LOVE to hear it. Seriously...just click on that little comment button below... we promise it works even when we aren't giving something away! :)

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