Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Couples Week: Schmids of FUN

Merry Momma C here...My "real" job is pretty interesting.  I have the opportunity to meet lots and lots of people and many times these meetings are in homes.  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Judy Schmid.  We had a delightful time getting to know one another.  As our time together was ending I walked by her fridge.  My head snapped around.  I gazed directly at one of the MOST MERRY Christmas cards I have ever seen!  EVER.  A few days later I emailed Mrs. Schmid and told her about our blog and asked if she would be willing to share her Christmas cards.  She said YES and I did a happy'll see why...enjoy!!!

Y'all. Aren't these just the most cool, precious, sweet, fun, funny, wonderful, happy Christmas cards you have ever seen!?!
Well, the Merry Mommas agree!

And now a note from Mrs. Schmid:

Dear Cindy,

Here are some pictures we took at our farm near Independence, Texas.  These started with the hot tub photo and continued for several years. (Can't remember the exact years.)  The second one was in big barrels and these are actually garbage cans, painted by our daughter, to look like real beer barrels.  The next year we stood behind umbrellas that were large - in red and green for Christmas of course!  The next year (which was our FAVORITE) we used the old metal tubs out in our back pasture which was filled with bluebonnets.  I had always wanted to depict the beach scene from the movie "From Here to Eternity", so that one was next.  We had a friend that was graphic designer insert our heads onto the characters from the movie.  Our last one together was the elves at Kyle Field in 2011.

We had taken other pictures at Christmas, but these funny ones stated when we got the hot tub.  We couldn't always come up with a new idea every year, so some are suggestions from friends.  Our oldest daughter would take the pictures during Thanksgiving.

Joe and I were married for 51 years and these pictures were some of our most fun memories.  I want to share with you my personal favorite about my dear husband...when I was about to turn 40, I began teasing Joe that I deserved something really special for this birthday.  Well, he surprised me with a very sweet, personal gift!  In a tiny box was a necklace with the number "11" gold charm.  Looking puzzled I asked what this meant?  Inside the box was a poem he wrote that said, "Being married to you is next to heaven and on a scale of 1 to 10 you are an 11!"  Wow! It has always been my favorite gift he ever gave me.  I've had much fun with through the I see a stranger looking at it trying to figure out what it means and they will say "11 grandchildren?" or "a football player #11?" Once in the grocery store I told a lady that I had 11 husbands and she almost fainted!  Such fun and always wonderful memories.



As a loyal reader you know that the Merry Mommas love a designed set with great natural lighting and well thought out coordinating (not matching) outfits. And we always will. But you know what else we love?  Fun. And real life. And messy. And crazy. And silly. And love. And sharing that FUN, real life, MESSY, crazy, SILLY, love through cards.

To Mrs. Schmid - Thank you for sharing your cards with us, but more importantly thank you for sharing your heart with us. 

To our readers - Go and make a fun and wonderful memory today!  And we bet you will never look at the Cialis commercial the same!

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