Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mommas Most Wanted: Sheaffer Sims

How fun has this week been y'all? I'd say slap some candy on a stick and cover it in sprinkles fun. But that's just me. And... we don't want to give too much away... but we have a complete submission from someone on this most wanted list. SUCCESS!!! 

And, if you didn't see all the love that Erin sent our way yesterday, don't worry... we aren't above showing you :)

She is seriously the sweetest and we suggest that you get to know her! 

So who's next on this esteemed list of bloggers?

The one and only Sheaffer Sims, aka Pinterest Goddess and Guru of all that is fashion.

The Mommas have discussed at length how amazing it would be if Sheaffer did a guest post... "Pinterest told me to make a Christmas card". See? Amazing. Fun. And clearly merry. 

I mean... picture all of her MUST HAVES:

On a Christmas card. (Ok, maybe not all of them... wedges and the blardigan may not blend). 

But you get the point. 

And we get the point because Pinterest Told Me To told the Merry Mommas to, too. 
(Got it?)

On the left - Merry Momma K in her black, congac and GRAY. Y'all. Black and brown we get (please read the title of that post. The irony is not lost on us. Except we aren't really stalkers... more along the lines of Fan Club Presidents)... but GRAY, too? That's crazy talk. If crazy also means fabulous. And those boots? Well, Sheaffer recommended them and she was also right about those. 

On the right - Merry Momma C is modeling the amazing must have jacket. On her child's first day of KINDERGARTEN. We feel that's a major shout out. So we gave Sheaffer one and you know what she did... 

Yep. She commented. Which is blog code for "I'm totally crushing on you, too". 

(Ok, maybe not. But... mutual admiration for sure). 

And then... she emailed us. (Seriously, if y'all have ever thought about emailing her you should do it. She is so quick to respond and is a doll to "chat" with.) And just like others on our MW list... there at the end... the "a girl can dream" line. 

So Sheaffer Sims. You are officially on our Most Wanted list. And not just ours, but our tens of readers a day want to hear what you have to say about styling your PINspired photo shoot. So y'all know the drill... save and share the picture below and let PTMT know that we want her to TELL US TO (or maybe we could tell her to... wouldn't that be fun?)

And maybe someone else wants to hear from you too... 

Come on. You can't say no to Ryan, can you??? 

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