Monday, November 11, 2013

World Traveler

Today we bring you Christmas Around the World...

Who: Morgan Coomes

Location: Fenway Park; San Diego, California; Colosseum, Rome, Italy; Yosemite National Park; Hollywood Walk of Fame

Comments: This card captures the places I travelled the second year I worked for American Airlines.  I wanted to take advantage of the perks of the job and my goal was to travel to at least one international location.  The message was my own personal reflection on the year; although I had been all over the world I knew there was no better place to be than at home with family and friends for the holidays.

Designer: Shutterfly

Photographer: Various friends that were traveling with me.

Favorite Thing: If you'll look closely, I am wearing American flag sunglasses in the Hollywood Walk of Fame picture - it was the 4th of July weekend!


Katy's Thoughts: More.Power.To.YOU! Seriously! I love this. I love that it highlights her year. I love that she is living life to the fullest. I love that she is sharing her journey with her family and friends! LOVE!

Cindy's Thoughts: Morgan...girl you can jump!  How cute is her San Diego pic -- real cute!  I agree with Katy totally on this one...this card is just great!  It's fun.  It's shares Morgan's story and does remind us that traveling is fun, but so is home!  LOVE it!


How can you recreate this card? So, we've been getting lots of emails and FB messages from our nearest and dearest (thank you!!) and some of them mention an apprehension or two about "but we aren't really the kind of people that should send cards". For like 1000 different reasons. I'm single. I'm a single parent. I have fur babies but no kids. Etc...

Well - this card PROVES YOU WRONG! It's amazing! And the key to recreating this card is to live life, and share that merry with your nearest and dearest. (And us).

Get PINspired:
  1. Here is a great example of card spreading joy through the {entire} world.
  2. We definitely think if you are anywhere near icebergs, then you should do this!
  3. We love the idea of a simple photo that showcases your love for travel with a letter to accompany everywhere you've been.
  4. We know a DARLING girl that would think this is a great way to spread the merry... 
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