Monday, November 18, 2013

Go West!

Technically, we are back "west" from our fun trip to NYC! (more on that later this week) And "going west" brought us to this sweet card! Enjoy!

Who: The "W" Family

Location: Our home in College Station, Texas

Props: None

Clothes: {Front} Robes off of Zulily {Back} Girls - Matilda Jane, Mom - Dillard's, Dad - No idea!

Comments: Originally, the card was going to feature all of us in our pajamas at home...but since we send cards to all my husband's clients, we decided not to put the adults in the pajama shot.  We didn't want the card to just feature the girls (people care about us, too! :)), so we did a two sided card that accomplished my goal.

Designer: Shutterfly

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: I love the girls smile on the front and the lighting of them on our bed. I also love the sweet shot of the four of us on the back.

Katy's Thoughts:  Two things I love about this card: those sweet curls on the girls in the top picture - totally reminds me of sleeping all night in sponge rollers (which may now become a stocking stuffer for one of my girls). AND those bare feet in the bottom picture. I am so weird about shoes and love a bare foot picture. I kind of also love that each set of parents is wrapped up in their own special moment with a darling daughter.

Cindy's Thoughts: If you have met me, you know I kind of dig on a big bow. That sweet hair flair on the littlest "W" is amazing. I also love a Matilda Jane. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can't recommend them enough!


How can you recreate this card? We love that Mrs. W wasn't afraid to rethink her plan and make two separate cards from one. Each side gives a glimpse into their life and tells their story so well. The key to this card is knowing your audience - if you "need" to send cards to business associates then make sure to consider that before putting the final touches on your merry masterpiece.

Get PINspired:
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  2. As a loyal reader you know we love Matilda Jane (and no one paid us to say that {but if someone wanted to send us free stuff, we would say LOTS more! hint, hint} ... anyway... Matilda Jane has darling things that really are good for photographs - layers, stripes, florals, ruffles - just cute stuff!
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