Thursday, November 21, 2013

TBT: That time we went to NYC (again)

So maybe this week's throwback isn't so long ago, but we promised a recap of our little trip to the Big Apple and couldn't very well wait an entire year to post, could we! We don't think you'll mind! 

May we present...

1. Be a tourist. Don't be afraid to "look like a tourist." NYC is filled with some of the nicest people we have met. Ask questions, get recommendations on locals favorite spots to eat and shop, ride the subway, hail a cab, take silly pictures in subway stations, eat food from a street vendor, spend too much money on something you don't need. Visit St. Patricks, try something on at Tiffany, go to a museum.  BE A TOURIST.

2. See a show. Even if you aren't "show people". You will not forget it. Tickets seem pricey but it is worth every penny to see live theater and if you hit up the TKTS booth at Times Square you can find some great deals. This time we ventured away from musicals and hung out with Orlando Bloom for a couple of hours. Not to shabby. Especially since we were THIRD ROW! Matinees are awesome, but they are only offered on Wednesdays. Check out the Broadway website for a list of current shows!

3. Throw away your normal schedule. This one even works with kids! (Merry Momma K and Ryan took the kiddos in 2011 and had a blast!) Sleep in, stay up late, eat at random hours. It's all part of the fun of being on vacation! The picture below is us at 10PM. Which may be about 5 hours later than our normal dinnertime. Don't judge.

4. Take a stroll down 5th Avenue. Buy something. Be happy. We also like to play the "guess how much this costs game" at Bergdorfs. That is until they kick us out. :) (Just kidding.)

5. Make unexpected stops. Both times we have been to the City together our plan has been "let's not really have a plan" in the sense of we don't need a minute by minute of each day. We have items that we want to accomplish but that's about it. On this particular day we were just walking around and stopped into a random Italian place around 49th and Broadway. For over 2 hours. We were pretty merry after that. ;)

 6. Take a tour. We can't recommend this enough! We also think if it is your first trip, then you should schedule a tour on one of your first days! It is a great way to get to know the sites and sounds of an amazing place and really orients you to your surroundings. When we went in 2004 we took a Sex and the City tour. If you are fans of the show then you will love it! This time we did a Night on the Town Tour through GrayLine and can't recommend it enough! We had so much fun, learned a lot about the history of NYC, saw some amazing sites (like an up close and personal view of Lady Liberty), ate at a yummy restaurant in Little Italy and ended our night on the Top of the Rock. Seriously. Take a tour.

6. Take a walk through Central Park. No matter the time of year. Venture down to 59th Street and 5th Avenue and take a stroll. 

We are ready to go back! Who's coming with us!?!

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  1. Looks like yall had a blast!!!! I was definitely jealous!!!!

  2. Cannot wait for our trip! Thanks for some ideas!


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