Monday, November 4, 2013


Ok people - it's time to get serious. Grab your pen and paper and start taking some notes because it's crunch time. Your photo sessions are happening now and we want you to be prepared! 

Who: Dave, Jenn, Jackson (5), Addie (3), and Henry (17 months)

Location: Deep Creek, Maryland

Props: No props :)

Clothes: Boys - Children's Place, Target and Toms; Addie: Lily Pulitzer, Target (sandals)

Comments: This was one of the last shots we did. Henry was not happy to be doing a photoshoot {shocker!}, but I really wanted ONE "Christmas card worthy" shot. :) He was just learning how to walk (assisted) and I thought that MAYBE he would smile if Dave and I both grabbed his hands and "walked" a little. Becka captured probably the ONLY split-second that all three kids were looking at her and smiling ~ I treasure this image!!

Designer: Jenn via Minted

Photographer: Becka Parypinski

Favorite Thing: 3 smiling kiddos. :) I also love that, although the entire family is in the photo, it focuses on our children. 

Blog: Glorrie Days

Extra Extra: Jenn is pretty much the most amazing mom in the form of a combination of Martha (Stewart), Betty (Crocker) and Emily (Post). And if that wasn't enough - she is also a photographer! You should check her out if you are in the DC/Maryland/all those places us there!!! Become a fan of the Glorrie Photo Facebook page - We are!!


Katy's Thoughts: When I saw this photo I immediately fell in love. I LOVE how you can only see the kids faces but Mom and Dad are holding tightly along - just like in life. We can't always be there, but at the same time, we WILL always be there. I love that you can get an idea of just how wee they are in comparison. I also adore their style - so effortless but so perfect. Jenn nailed it! :)

Cindy's Thoughts: I absolutely adore the three completely different smiles on the kiddos! Jackson is cheesing it up, Henry is smiling like, "Yes, I'm cute!" and Addie has a darling little mischievous smile. This card is just cute! Iknow every person that opened it smiled - the Gorrie's shared the MERRY for sure. And the shoes, well, they are all awesome!!!


How can you recreate this card? Be you. Period. Know your kids, know your family and just be you. Jenn knew that she shouldn't force Henry beyond his happy level (which some days may be zero for some kids) and because of it, she got HER perfect picture. (And each of our "perfect pictures" are different!)

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As always, thanks for sharing the merry! Have a "glorrious" day!!!
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