Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WWLW: Envelope Flair

Yes, it's true.
The Merry Mommas LOVE envelope flair!
You may be asking yourself, 
"WHAT IN THE WORLD is envelope flair?"
Well, it's all the little things on an envelope that add that extra WOW!
Here, let us show you...

United States Postal Service offers some really great holiday stamps.  They can add that extra, "Why, yes, I did stand in line for an hour to get the cute gingerbread house stamps!" to any envelope. 

Zazzle allows you to create your own stamp using a photo or an image.  How cute would it be if your stamp gave a sneak peek of your Christmas card!

Stamps - You can fancy up your address with ink stamps!  There is literally hundreds of thousands of different places you can get stamps, but we headed to Etsy to find some fun ones for you!

Labels - If you order cards from some of the major online retailers, many of them will have the option to add address labels.  Again, this is a darling way to give the receiver a little sneak peek at what's inside!
 This card and the address return label are from Tiny Prints.

Embossed - If you are a little more on the formal side, you may choose to emboss your envelopes.  We love the distinguished look of an embossed envelope.  Feel free to send us your cards! (We're serious!)  Paper Source has a great selection of embossers.

See, you totally love ENVELOPE FLAIR now too, don't you! :)

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