Thursday, November 14, 2013

TBT: NYC 2004

Roughly nine years ago this was us. Living it up in the big N-Y-C...

Things of note: 

  1. The Statue of Liberty was still open but it was too cold to climb to the top. (Read: we were lazy)
  2. We liked to take pictures with our hands in the air.
  3. Katy tried to be as cute as Cindy is with short hair. And failed. (Seriously, never let me do that again).
  4. This was over New Year's...and we tried to act like we were too cool for school to be at Times Square when the ball dropped. And then, just as Harry realized he couldn't live without Sally, we went RUNNING to see it happen. All the streets were closed as far as Central Park but we made it in time just to see the crystal ball disappear.
  5. We fell in love with a restaurant in Little Italy "Sorrentos"... so much in love that we ate there two nights in a row! #fatties
  6. We are in head to Gap in all of these pics.
  7. Cindy convinced Katy that she should totally use her credit card for the first time. $900 and a "fresh off the floor" dress from Bloomies later and Katy was done. (The dress was only $100 - Cindy is just a great influence and convinced Katy that she "had to have" all that other stuff too)
  8. We had flip phones.
  9. We did a SATC Bus tour and got to see all our favorite spots from the show - Carrie's Apartment, Magnolia Bakery, Samantha's place in the Meat Packing District, Big's Place and more!
  10. We discovered there is nothing like spending time with the bestie in the best city in the world! 

We promise a recap of our trip when we return!!!

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