Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Perfect Paro Post

Merry Tuesday! Today you are in for a treat - Becca from Jumping Jax Designs (aka the lovely designer of this blog) is sharing her family's card with us!

Who: Travis (Dad), Becca (Mom), Jax (3) and Jory (1)

Location: Research Park in College Station, Texas

Props: We just used a crate and some blankets that our photographer had. The park provides a great backdrop so we didn’t need to add much! :)

Clothes: Travis: Old Navy button up and sweater, jeans are Levis, Becca: Head to toe Target!, Jax: BabyGap vest & cords, Morgan & Milo shoes, bowtie from an Etsy Shop, Jory: H&M dress, Children's Place tights, headband by Little Roo’s Boutique & moccasins by Minnetonka.

Comments: We found a few poses on Pinterest that we liked and showed our (amazing) photographer. She took note of them, but as always with kids, you just kind of have to take it as it comes and do whatever makes them happy in the moment. My favorite picture from the shoot is the one where my son is upside down – it captures him (& our family dynamic) perfectly. I made our card to coordinate with the outfits we wore!

Designer: Yours truly! I have a design business called Jumping Jax Designs. You can see more of my cards (and more pictures from that session, too!) on my website.

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: I love the punchy shade of red. I am generally not a fan of traditional red and/or green for holiday cards, but I love the bright red that I used, which I pulled from the color of my daughter’s bright red/orange dress!

Blog: You can view our personal blog at The Paro Post or my website at Jumping Jax Designs.


Katy's Thoughts: My thoughts are this card is pretty darn cute! You can tell that they are totally in their element and really just a fun, spirited, happy family! I also love the subtle design on the back of their card. Becca has an amazing eye for graphic detail and her sweet family is the perfect model for her work! 

Cindy's Thoughts: I love the RED!  It is bright, fun and holiday-ish without the typical green and red look.  I also love the use of red and brown together, it gives the card a warm feeling.  I love Jax's bow tie and Jory's boots are to die for!


How can you recreate this card?
Red and brown. Red and brown. RED AND BROWN! Seriously - LOVE! Just do it! 

Get PINspired:
  1. Ok, so let's get over this "my family has to be looking into a camera lens with perfect smiles on their faces." because you don't!!! Be you. Period. (that must be the theme for this week). Let's take a look at some families that do just that...
  2. Jax has some mad style - too much cute to list. He inspired some new pins on our Toddler Boys Board that you should check out.
  3. Did you see Jory's polka dots? Are you jealous? Well, then... Polka dots for Dad.  Polka dots for Mom. Polka dots for tween. Polka dots for little girl. Polka dots for baby. Polka dots for dog.
  4. Create your own PINSPIRATION!! How you ask? By using the code for YMM readers! That's right - Becca is offering 15% off anything in her shop when you check out with the MERRY15 code! 

Also make sure to like her Facebook page to get the scoop on her upcoming deals for the holidays!

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