Tuesday, November 26, 2013


You can spread the MERRY lots of ways and the Hunter family choose to do so through CHEERS!  Isn't that fun!

Who: Ernest, Shannon and Shelby Hunter

Location: 19th Street in The Heights in Houston, Texas

Clothes: Ernest - Joe's Jeans, Converse Jack Purcell shoes, Polo Ralph Lauren shirt and sport coat, Bulova watch; Shannon - Old Navy top, J.Crew skirt, Kate Spade necklace; Shelby - Old Navy

Designer: Blonde Designs exclusively for Shutterfly

Photographer: Dianna Montoya of Karelle Photography

Favorite Thing: We tried the upside down shot with Shelby on a whim, but when we saw it..we LOVED it.  We were looking for a card that we could send to our friends of all religions; and the look of pure joy on Shelby's face in the photo's just screamed "Cheers!"

Katy's Thoughts: I love that this card captures that unexpected moment of pure joy that a child can experience. It's those moments we should celebrate all year long!

Cindy's Thoughts: Happy.  This card just makes me happy.  It is fun and bright and full of color.  It sends a cheer to everyone!  And that Shelby...well, she's just adorable - upside down and right side up!

 How can you recreate this card? Have fun.  Yep, that's it -- just have fun!

Get PINspired:
  1. Remember the naughty and nice cards we featured?  Those are fun! :)
  2. In fact, all of these are fun (or funny)!
  3. Smiles and laughter are universal!
  4. Colors!  We love colors!
  5. Mustache you always be silly??? YES!
  6. This isn't a card, but how stinking cute would this picture be on a card!  Take note, it may be on one of the Merry Momma's card in 2015! (You know we already have 2014 planned!)
  7. Y'all.  OH MY GOODNESS!  This is so stinking precious and oh so fun!  It may have to be 2016!

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