Monday, November 17, 2014

Merry Monday: Quick Style

Are you looking for someone to *DESIGN* your card?

Well, the Merry Mommas are here to help.

We absolutely love

Nichole Quick 

Maybe you remember her work from our 12 Days of Merry
She also designed this card and this one and this one and this one and this one
(See, we really do love her and she does great work!)

 And this entire week we are going to feature some of her other Christmas cards, including her own!


Seriously, if you need a card desginer for your Christmas card,
or any card, call Nichole!
And tell her the Merry Mommas sent you!

Who: Nichole, Caroline and Kendall Quick

Location: Downtown Bryan, Texas

Props: White chair and white brick wall

Clothes: The girls clothes are from the Jessica Simpson Girl line at Dillard's. (MMK and MMC are taking note...aren't they darling!) And Nichole's outfit is from Express.

Designer: HELLO! Have you been reading? Nichole designed it. ;)
Photographer: Jenny Livingston of JML Photography

Nichole's Comments: I really wanted everything to be very simple and the focus to be on the subjects. I wanted it to be very clean and reflect joy and hope. Oddly, this was a 15 minute shoot in the freezing wind with a ton of people staring at us from across the street and the photographer's kids were in her car.  The girls were less than thrilled! (Well, you can't tell!)

Nichole's Favorite Thing: The STRIPES! And the black and white! (Us too Nichole, us too!)

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: Honestly, there isn't a thing we don't love about this card. Not one thing. We big huge heart love it. The clean crisp look. The stripes. The black and white. The happy faces full of joy and hope. The hints of glitter and sparkle. The message - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. (And now we are going to watch Love Actually, excuse us.) (Okay, not really, but that movie and this card are both awesome!) Love, love, love the card!

How can you recreate this card? Contact Nichole!

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  1. One of my favorite cards ever of this beautiful momma and her girls! Nichole designed both of my "bigs" graduation announcements and I definitely can say she is super at what she does and so great to work with for people like me who have the idea stuck in my head but difficulty explaining it!


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