Friday, November 21, 2014

Twofer Friday - The Cerny Family

Julie was sweet enough to let us feature her 2012 and 2013 cards, thanks Julie! 
Who: Brandon, Julie and Stella Cerny

Location: The Cerny home in College Station, Texas

Clothes: Brandon's shirt is from Kohl's and Julie's outfit is from JCPenney's. Stella is looking darling in a vintage dress.

Props: The wreath came from Big Lots and the highchair is Julie's Dad's. (How awesome is that!!)

Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Company

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Julie's Comments: For the pictures, I had a bunch of props but didn't really have an idea of what direction we were going in. My family keeps everything, so we had this highchair in the attic for years. We also had a old wooden wagon, but those pictures didn't make the card. I knew I wanted the chalk board look so I gave Nichole some pictures fro inspiration and she did the rest. I am a firm believer in using the talent of others to my advantage. I think if you have good photos to start and let someone design that has a creative mind and knows what they are doing you can't go wrong. (SO TRUE, Julie!)

Julie's Favorite Things: Stella's pictures…I'm a little biased, but I think I have an adorable baby. (The MM think she is cute, too!)

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: Can we come to your attic Julie? This highchair is amazing and send us the wooden wagon pics, we want to see! The props are cute, but even cuter than that is this family. They are happy and the card reflects that!

And now for 2013...

Who: Brandon, Julie and Stella Cerny

Location: Research Park in College Station, Texas

Clothes: Brandon is in a shirt from Kohl's and Julie's clothes came from Old Navy. Stella's dress is another vintage one and her hair flair is from a Brinks and Babs (a local boutique in CS).

Props: They are laying on an old family quilt and the last picture of Stella has an antique pink coach that Julie bought of Craig's List.

Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Company

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Julie's Comments: This card was very last minute. I always have big dreams for the photos and end up going with the same type of props and shoot every year. thanks goodness Sarah is amazing and I know that no matter how unprepared I am, she will make us look great. I turned the design overt to Nichole and let her work her magic.

Julie's Favorite Things: Stella's curls and dimples! This child has some awesome hair. I love how Sarah captures her personality so well and how Nichole designed it to show several pictures of her.

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: GOLD GLITTER, a cute little girl and a happy family. This card just says HAPPY and we love that. We also like the usage of black and white images and color…very trendy and fun. 

We hope you enjoyed our week of Quick Designs. We appreciate Nichole letting us feature her work and her clients being willing, too. Contact Nichole NOW for Christmas Cards!
And don't forget to comment on this post to enter the contest for $50 from Quick Design Company!!!

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  1. Of course the Cerny family is gorgeous! And Nichole did a great job with these cards. I need her help this year!!! The gold would be awesome with what the Royal kids are wearing.


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