Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We love a giveaway.
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Who: The Scott Family – Jeremy, Carrie, Connor, Cannon and Ryder
Location: Downtown Navasota, Texas, behind an old barn.
Clothes: The boys clothes came from the MM's favorite places - Gap, Old Navy and Target. Dad clothes are from The Buckle and Dillard's. Momma's outfit is from Sabi (a local boutique) and Mod Marketplace (on online retailer).
Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Company (Note from Carrie - Nichole has been designing cards, birth announcements and invitations for us for so many years I can’t even count and I am always in awe of her perfect designs. Each year she also makes our photo Valentines and Halloween cards too!)
Photographer: Jenny Livingston of JML Photography (Note from Carrie - She has been photographing our family since there were only three of us and throughout the years has always captured the perfect memories of our little dudes’ personalities.)
Carrie's Comments: I had seen a card similar to the front of this one and loved the transparent lettering. It was completely different from any of our previous card designs and I loved the simplicity. I use the exact same wording, front and back, every single year. It just makes it easier than having to come up with a new message. I usually try to use three different pictures to depict the “PEACE, LOVE & JOY” message on the back, but I couldn’t get all 3 of my kids to cooperate for that many pics this time, so we made do with one group shot. Also, I love and collect hearts, so every year my card has a hart somewhere on it. I also include the year, because I frame a card each year and use it as part of my Christmas d├ęcor.
Carrie's Favorite Thing: My family! One of my favorite things about our Christmas cards is having a good reason to convince all my boys (husband included) to cooperate for a photo session. It’s usually either me or my husband behind the camera, so we rarely have the opportunity to get pictures of all of us together.
Merry Mommas' Thoughts: Carrie is smart, smart, smart! We recently read this article on how some famous folks (Steve Jobs, President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg) wear the same thing everyday so they can focus on other more important decisions and it seems that Carrie goes by this philosophy as well! She found a saying, she likes it, it works well for her family and it is one less thing to worry about during a sometimes stressful time. Way to go smarty pants, Carrie! So, we love Carrie's brain, but we also love her card. The boys are adorable and you know we LOVE a tone-on-tone look! The barn makes for a great background and the hint of glitter is fun!

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