Friday, November 7, 2014

Festive Friday: Babies got their pjs on!

Who: Jackson and Sutton

Location: Our home in good ol' College Station, TX

Props: Fur rug, glittery gifts and ornaments. I REALLY don't want to share my love for this store, but I guess I will for the sake of a CHRISTMAS blog ;). (sidenote: Aren't our readers the best?!) The ornaments and gifts were purchased at a craft store/Christmas warehouse in Houtson called Craftex. You will go to heaven. The fur rug is from Sutton's nursery and my husband found it - no clue where!

Clothes: Reesey Roo's. Tara Stribling is a monogramming goddess. She has the cutest ideas - this year I got all the cousin's matching pajamas.

Comments: I really didn't plan out my Christmas card last year. I had all sorts of intentions of doing something but I just couldn't pull our outfits together life I wanted, so this cuteness is what you get.

Designer: Tiny Prints

Photographer: The one and only Sarah Burns

Favorite Thing: MY KIDDOS! And their absolute adorableness in coordinating PJs.

Blog: A Mister and A Sister

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: We love the focus on the kids. We really love that Stephanie just said NO to something. Because y'all, that's okay to do! She couldn't make a family pic work, so she didn't force it. And this is PERFECT! Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is the right to say no. (Let's put that on a coffee cup.) (And then fill it with wine.) 

How can you recreate this card? Babies in pjs?!? Need we say more? We didn't think so...

There are some adorably cute pajamas out there, allow us to highlight some of our favorites.

Hanna Andersson - Both Mommas get this magazine regularly. We both flip through, texting each other pics of things we love and then hardly ever make a purchase. BUT, Merry Momma C did spring for some HA pjs last year and well... #noregrets.


And, they have your entire family covered. How cute are these?!?

And y'all. They have an amazing promotion with TINY PRINTS going on right now. FLOOD their orders with YMM readers. Just go. GO! (It ends November 9).

And if that's not enough - they are on SALE! Basically free people.

Reesey Roo's - We love the thought of spending local and Stephanie was right about this shop's embroidery skills. Check out some of her options:

And she also has options for the whole family!

We also love that she used a rug as a backdrop - you could also use a blanket for the same effect. Here are three of our favorites.

And - remember that the plan may not always work. One certain Merry Momma had an idea to get a picture of her kids in front of a tree... turns out that getting a picture of their backs to the camera were going to have to work... and you know what... it did.

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  1. Kids in pj's always adorable....I get a chuckle to just think of my husbands response if I told him I wanted us to wear matching pj's! haha Love the picture of the kids from behind...Sarah can capture just about anything and make it look beautiful!


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