Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WWLW: Crying Santa

Remember on Monday when we gave a tiny little talk about loving crying Santa pics... well if you agreed then you are in a for a treat! The Rabel family is sharing the merry with a classic song lyric and a laugh-until-you-cry pic!  

Who: Our son,  James, 18 months old and a very patient Santa. 

Props:  The beautiful Christmas set provided/designed by Angela.   It included cookies, milk and The Night Before Christmas but nothing mattered to James.   Fear was instilled into him as soon as he made contact with Santa. The props are a combination of antiquing, estate sales, cutting fallen down birch trees in the woods, TJ Maxx, Michaels, Home Depot and Walmart, plus refinishing the antiques herself and creating the chair rail as well. Also, James’ personalized stocking that his Mema bought him last year for his first Christmas (Pottery Barn). 

Clothes:  Red fleece pajamas purchased at The Gap.   He did have on a cute pair of tan moccasin slippers (also from The Gap) but they fell off when he tried to run for his life.    

Comments:  I kind of let fate take the reigns for the outcome of this amazingly funny Christmas card.   I went to the studio that evening knowing that this photo shoot could go one of two ways:  James mean mugging Santa the whole time or fearing for his life as though Santa was trying to kidnap him.   Either way I knew it would make for an entertaining Christmas card.  Angela was very patient with James and even came up with the thoughtful idea of giving him a break.  During this time she allowed another family to sneak in a few shots— the little girl after him was also not a fan of Santa Claus.   After a short break, James went back in there with his unchanged fear.   So from that point on it became a solo photo shoot.  Even though there were some shots of him alone, I still love the ones of him and Santa Claus.

Designer: The talented Becca Paro of Jumping Jax Designs.

Photographer: Angela Ceccarelli

Favorite Thing: My son's expression. He is very brave and curious. But apparently Santa is not his cup of tea. I don't know whether it makes me a "bad" mom, but I laughed the whole time. 

Merry Momma's Thoughts: YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM.  We laughed too!  

How can you recreate this card?: We LOVE how Mom matched the song lyric to the tone of the card. Here are a few more of our favorites from JJD that feature song lyrics:

What song would you use for your card? Merry Momma K used lyrics last year... and well, may or may not continue that trend for 2014... you'll have to wait and see! Any guesses??

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  1. I love using lyrics as the wording for Christmas cards! I actually used "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" this year.


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