Monday, November 3, 2014

Merry Monday: Get PINspired

The Merry Mommas are thrilled to be linking up with Sheaffer, Shay and Mel for their monthly PIN-spired post! (We are actually surprised we haven't done it before. We have now decided it's a tradition.) So, welcome! Especially if this is your first time visiting Your Merry Mailbox. We hope you love what you see and follow us along as we try to help you create your perfect Christmas cards!

Now on to that PINspiration. 

Merry Momma K here... I was completely inspired by the thought of black, brown, and grey after reading about this glorious combo on PTMT last year. Y'all. Where have I been? LOVE does not do justice to how I feel about this combination.  My inspiration pic is on the left and on the right is me (and my friend Traci) at a work event - I think I pulled it off nicely. 

But I didn't stop there. 

I bought black, brown and grey EVERYthing. 

Life changed. Y'all - scope out your closets and count how many black, brown and grey items you have. A million, I'm sure. Now multiply them by each other and you will get the number of possible outfits waiting to be discovered in your closet. 


After wearing the combo yet again last week...

(yes, I need a new mirror)



Not convinced? Let me show you some families who ROCKED this combo...


Seriously, jump on this train. Why you ask, well I will tell you... 

1. Classic
2. You can shop your closet 
3. Layers are your friend
4. Because we said so

Here are some of our favorite looks and pieces for the entire family:


We love the look of an oversized cardigan - its flattering and comfortable and makes a great statement. Finish the look with some simple jewelry and classic boots (thanks for the recommendation, Sheaffer, I LOVE them.)


We know the Merry Husbands would look amazing in this look.(#insertsappycommentabouthowtheylookamazinginanything)

We know the price on this sweater is a bit hefty, but y'all... these are your annual Christmas card pictures. 


And we really can't say enough about the extra pop of a hat. Not many people think about it, and it really finishes off a look - especially if Dad has some stubble. 

  BR Sweater / Gap Cords / Hat / Shoes


Go ahead and just buy the entire outfit from Next. How stinking CUTE is she? We love this poncho so much and we have been eyeing those Hanna Andersson boots since our girls were babies. 


We die over the tiny waistcoat, y'all. Rad wore one in our 2012 card and well, just go look for yourself how cute he was. Next is kind of our tiny secret in YMM world, so you are welcome for sharing that piece of paradise. 

All this research wouldn't be complete if we didn't give you our picks for the perfect card to match this color combo. 

First up, Tiny Prints.

I think my favorite is the third one, love how the focus is on the family with minimal print distractions.


And of course, Minted

Love the pop of mint on that third option - would really add some fun to the classic combo. 


What do you think? What color combo are you using this year? We love to hear from our readers - what is your PINspiration this season??? 

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  1. Thanks you so much for stopping by my site today:) I've been nosing through your site and the two of you are adorable!!! Love your humor and advice.


  2. Totally LOVE this!!! I'll admit I have not done enough of this!!! You've inspired me to bust out the look some more! Love your dress!!

  3. Nailed it! And that color combo is so what I have planned for Family pictures (plus a pop of red- it is for the Holidays after all, right?!) You ladies have a fun blog!

  4. What a fun post topic! love your outfit with the tunic sweater. :) It's so stressful coordinating family outfits for photos- love these ideas!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  5. Love, love, love brown/black/gray. One of my favorite color combos! Thank you so much for linking up with us & hope you continue to each month :)


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