Thursday, October 30, 2014

Transformation Thursday

Hi friends! The Merry Mommas are at it again...trying something new. I mustache...Did you like Tuesday Trends? Hahahaha! Okay, so today we are going to feature a post that we are calling Transformational Thursday. We are going to pick a card and show you how to TRANSFORM it and make it your own. The Merry Mommas know you are busy people and we want to make your life easy with direct links to clothing, props and cards. As well as, feature some locations and themes that make your card truly yours. We hope you enjoy!

Here's the card from Minted (love them!) And note that the designer is from Texas. (We love Texas!)

Let's discuss the location:
Well, I think we can all agree that a picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge is pretty stinking cool. Alas, we don't all live in San Fran. But, I bet there is a bridge near you. Take a Sunday afternoon drive around your city and look for cool bridges, or consult one of our favorite tools - Google. We simple put in "cool houston bridges", clicked on images and this is what came up!

Let's discuss the clothes:
This family did an AWESOME job with their clothing. Layers, pops of color, not too matchy-matchy. Perfect. Must be why they are on a card site, right! ;)

Dad's sweater is cool.
{A}   {B}   {C}

Mom's scarf is beautiful.

 {A}   {B}   {C}

And we LOVE a cute vest.
{A}   {B}   {C}

Let's discuss how Minted allows you to make this card your own:
This is what the webpage looks like:

See that nifty can change the wording:

Check out the arrow again...
You can change the colors - WHAT! WHAT! Clearly, yellow works best with the clothing choices, but if you and yours like RED, it's an option!

One more time...the arrow. :)

The WAVEY trim with the water...PRECIOUS!

Let us know if you found a card on a website or Pinterest and made it your own - We would love to feature you on Transformational Thursday!

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