Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WWLW: Momma Trends

So Merry Momma C and I were discussing things we thought we would see in our mailbox this year. We are pretty excited that the season is upon us and I may even go buy a new card holder, because, well, I want to.

We talked about all the things that we love right now and we are hoping to see some of them pop up on the cards we receive. So… without further a do… our predictions of Momma Trends for 2014…

1. Metallic Tattoos

This is first on the list because WE WANT METALLIC TATTOOS. (And before anyone flips out (Mom), they are fake.) Y'all. These things are precious…

They give a flash of fun without being over the top. They would be awesome on a mom or a tiny tot and we predict that a few mommas out there will be brave enough to sport one this season. (please please please!)

2. Booties

The shoes, people. Get your head out of the clouds. Merry Momma C has a pair of booties and Merry Momma K has yet to pull the trigger. But, we predict that many mommas will be rocking this look (as they should) this year so maybe my Christmas cards can also double as a bit of window shopping. Here are some of our favorites:

If you are still a little nervous, then check out this post and please note she wrote it in 2013.

#fashionforward #merrymommasarebehind #maybethisisnotatrend

3. Lumberjack Look

You know…plaid and flannel. Two things that are hot at the moment and could add a little depth and texture to any family photo shoot. We like these looks…

Green Wedding Shoes/Source Not Found/Source Not Found

Most people would think that flannel is strictly reserved for the Brawny man, lumberjacks, or hunters. But the mommas above prove that it can be worn and rocked by the ladies, too! And don't think you are limited to shirts. You could rock a scarf…

You could even dare to go dressy and match it up with a skirt or (gasp) wear a flannel dress. Neither one of us are really that brave, but I am SURE that one of you mommas out there could totally rock that look. It could also be as simple as a cute plaid blazer.

Sincerely Arizona/LL Bean (couldn't find direct link)/Source not found

Basically - we are obsessed with the idea of this look. It's casual. It's comfortable. It says home. And that's the message we are trying to send with our season's greetings. This is our favorite look by far…

The layers. The pop of jewelry. The cuffed jean. Someone make this happen on your card. :)

4. Aztec Something. Aztec anything!

Seriously this trend is hot right now and we love it. Big giant puffy heart on a painted t-shirt love it. And it could/would make the perfect pop of something for a family photo session. You don't need a lot of it, just one great piece and it would be fantastic! We REALLY love a big ol comfy cardi:

And if you want a little more interest, or are braver than us, try some patterned leggings...or oh my word - leg warmers. These would look PRECIOUS on Merry Littles.


Leather is timeless. And everyone can wear it. From biker dudes to Sandra Dee - everyone was built for leather. And before you get freaked out and worry that your leather experience will be something like this...

Take a deep breath because there are so many options. And, there are even VEGAN leather pants (which are clearly formerly known as "faux" but vegan sounds smart.) (Feel good about yourself).

And if you still aren't sure, then check out this post from Savvy Sassy Moms.

The key to any of these trends is making it your own. So - tell us (as in comment below...remember we want to have a conversation, friends!) what TREND are you dying to try? AND... what trend do you think the Momma's will rock in our card?!?

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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  1. First off....SO happy to see my Merry Mommas back in action!! know I'm not one to shy away from a trend so I would try any and all of these :)


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