Monday, October 20, 2014

Merry Monday from the Markeys

Who: Pete and Samantha Markey and their twin daughters, Avery and Camille

Location: Bryan, Texas

Props: Christmas lights

Clothes: Pete's sweater is from Kohl's, Samantha purchased her dress from TJMaxx and the denim jacket is from Old Navy. The girls our outfitted by Target (fave!). 

Photographer: Chantal Bergeron of Whimsy & Style Photography

Samantha's Comments: I chose our colors because I wanted photos I would enjoy seeing all year long. 

Samantha's Favorite Thing: The photo, the light, the GOLD!

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: We love the family picture and the individual picture of each girl. As twins, they probably get LOTS of together attention, but we love how this card lets them have their own space. And, as much as we do not like glitter in our houses, we LOVE LOVE LOVE glitter and sparkle on cards and we love how the glitter/sparkle on the card helps highlight the lights in the trees behind the family.

How can you recreate this card? The Merry Mommas know you are busy, so here are some direct links to help you make a card like this your own!

GLITTER & SPARKLE: Y'all, if you find a card website that does not feature GLITTER & SPARKLE, let us know. We can't. GLITTER & SPARKLE are the it thing this year. In fact, the folks at Pear Tree Greetings have an entire section dedicated to it. The designers at Minted are specializing in foil pressed cards and Tiny Prints has lots of both. Our favorites are below!

HEADBAND: If you are an avid reader of Your Merry Mailbox, then you know we love an accessory - specifically hair flair! They just make photographs pop. Samantha did a great job using two different headbands in our featured card today - way to go HOT MOMMA!
Icing                              Anthropologie
(one of these headbands maybe showing up in a Merry Momma Christmas card!!! Which one do you think it will be?)

CHRISTMAS TREE: Want a card that features Christmas trees?

Love this POST CARD from Minted. Yes, we said POST CARD.
(Click on the link, come it!)

 Color. We love color.

SWEATERS FOR HIM: Pete's sweater rocks! Let's all order something for the men in our lives today. (And if you are a man reading this, order yourself something!) (And we have a price point for everyone.)
                              $                                                  $$$                                                   $$                

Get PINspired:
Bright clothes, we have some ideas for you!
Nothing says Merry Christmas like Christmas trees and lights!

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