Friday, October 24, 2014

Festive Friday with the Malnars

Who: Justin, Meredith, Jackson and Andrew Malnar

Location: Texas A&M University Campus, College Station, Texas 

Clothes: Meredith shopped at some of the Merry Mommas' favorite spots - Macy's, Kohl's, Old Navy and Target.

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Designer: Meredith (way to go Momma!)

Meredith's Comments: I typically let the photos determine the card rather than the other way around. This card was no different. I knew I wanted to do our photo shoot on the campus of Texas A&M...we have taken A LOT of pictures over the last 4 years and had never taken pictures on campus. Justin and I got engaged under the Century Tree so it is a place that is meaningful to us and we wanted to have pictures to capture that. Since we were taking pictures on campus, I decided maroon needed to be in the color scheme, but I wanted it to be more subtle than our game day jerseys.

Meredith's Favorite Thing: My favorite thing is how wonderfully Sarah was able to capture the realtionship between our two boys! Watching their relationship grow over the last year has been so fun and the two images featured on the front of the card perfectly captured their very real expressions of their love for each other. Sarah posted these two images together as a "sneak peek" shortly after our shoot and my first reaction, of course, was to swoon. My very next thought was "that's our Christmas card!"

Connect with the Malnars:The Malnar Family

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: Both of the Merry Mommas have siblings and both of us LOVE our siblings. There is just something about brothers and sisters and this card really showcases that love and we LOVE it! Meredith also did a great job having the clothes coordinate, but not match. 


How can you recreate this card? Cute kids, gorgeous outside spaces and Chuck Taylors...we are in love! Below are some direct links to help you get this look!

Chuck Taylors: Every member of the Munson family has a pair of CTs and Merry Momma Cindy thinks your family should too! Really, they are the bomb (welcome to 1991!). They are cute, comfy and aren't as tennis shoe-ish as a pair of sneakers. Even Shaeffer thinks so!

Maroon Pants: We are tickled MAROON with Meredith's pants! We may have mentioned (one or two times) that the Merry Mommas' are Aggies. And everyone knows that you can never ever have too many items in your closet that are maroon when you are an Aggie! And, well, honestly, almost everyone looks good in maroon, so even if you aren't an Aggie, purchase some maroon pants anyway. We even think the men in our lives need maroon pants, so we are ordering these! (And the great thing about H&M is the very inexpensive price tag because we aren't really sure Ryan and Josh are going to wear these...but we are getting them anyway!)

And Merry Momma Gigi (that's Katy's mom - she's the best) just picked up a pair of these jeggings for both of us! We LOVE JCP! How cute are they going to be with...a chambray shirt!

Chambray Shirt: See what we did there? :) Again, EVERYONE in your family needs a chambray shirt - Momma, Daddy, boy, girl, even the family dog!

Click HERE to see other ways to get Momma Merry!

Told ya, even the dog needs one!
(And we know it's sold out...
we just had to provide proof that you could buy your dog a chambray shirt

Cool Campus Locations: Okay, folks...this is where the Merry Mommas need YOUR help! We know where the cool places on Texas A&M's campus are - the Century Tree, the BIG ring, the Administration Building, but we don't know other COOL CAMPUS locations. Tell us where you went to school and the IT place on your campus to take pictures! (For real, please comment! Pretty please! Let us know you are reading this! And if you are an Aggie, tell us other cool place to take pictures on campus!)

Get PINspired:
1. Ain't no love like a sibling love!
2. Who doesn't need a little peace and joy in their lives?
3. And of course LOVE!

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  1. A&M is such a great campus for pictures and I'm hoping this is where Sarah will be taking ours if those crazy LSU fans haven't already invaded! My son attends TCU and that campus is also really pretty....lots of old oak trees and they actually have an endowment someone set up that can only be used for flowers so they always, always have beautiful flowers no matter the season is my favorite as they are always full of tulips! There is also an old swing that hangs in one of the really tall trees at the front of campus and I've always wanted to take pix there.


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