Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Trends: Nature

Our week of cards featuring Jumping Jax Designs continues and we LOVE today's card!!

Who: Rob, Kayla, Eliana and Brayden

Location: Holland, MI

Props: No props, just nature. :)

Clothes: Gap, Target and Fawn & Clover

Comments: Becca of Jumping Jax Designs is AMAZING! I sent her my photo, a few thoughts of what I'd like and she came up with our beautiful card. She did ALL the work for me!

Designer: Jumping Jax Designs

Photographer: B Modern Designs

Favorite Thing: Ahh - Everything. So hard to choose. I love our new family photos, but I also love the overall style that Becca chose for us. There isn't a think I would change!

Blog: Fawn & Clover


Merry Momma's Thoughts: I don't think you can look up "family picture idea" on Pinterest and not get at least 2083 pins of families in a field. That is the style at the time - and PTL because the pics are gorgeous. Natural light, beautiful setting, great layers in clothes - what's not to love. The thing that super extra love about this card is that the design fits the picture. Becca did a great job of matching not only this family's clothes to her card design, but she matched their business. Go ahead and click on that link or here it is again because y'all... this Fawn & Clover shop is ADORABLE!

Any one their items would make a great statement piece for a family pic and then you could build the wardrobe around it. Here are some of our favorites:

And, I may not take a picture in this, but I'm pretty sure the girls will be getting these dresses this summer.

Y'all. I can't even take it! So cute! Thanks so much for sharing your card, Kayla! You have two new loyal shoppers headed your way!

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  1. Eek...these daily posts are all getting me so excited! We have our pix with Sarah tomorrow!


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