Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WWLW & WWDLW: October

Y'all, it is almost OCTOBER. I know this isn't a news flash to any of you...but man, I have a LOVE and a DON'T LOVE relationship with this month...and here's why! (And this is Merry Momma Cindy.)

DON'T LOVE - Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can't even stand the smell of pumpkin spice. At. All. And who wants to drink a pumpkin? NOT ME. YUCK! {Yes, I realize I may loose my middle class, middle age mom card on this one, but I. Just. Can't. Even.}

LOVE - Pumpkins and kids in pumpkin patches! You have to will yourself to be sad around pumpkins and kids in a pumpkin patch. They remind me of small town America. With fall festivals and pumpkin bowling and candy and fun. I love pumpkins!

LOVE FOOTBALL! Who doesn't love college football...and man, THOSE AGGIES!

Myles Garrett <3

DON'T LOVE WORKING ON FOOTBALL SATURDAY - I have a great job and it super fun, but it does require me to work some Saturdays...and well:

LOVE CELEBRATING THIS GAL! Millie's birthday is mid October and we have had such fun celebrating her over the past 4 years.

DON'T LOVE that we have no more babies! While I love love love the stage we are currently in, I did tear up LOTS this evening as Millicent walked out of the playroom holding a pad of paper and dressed in a bakers outfit asking me what I wanted to eat and then wrote real letters on the pad. No more babies here!

LOVE - Planning. I don't think it is a secret that I love to plan...everything! For goodness sakes, we did a post on how we organize our Christmas Shopping.

DON'T LOVE - PLANNING COUNTDOWN THINGS. I don't love those things at all...they make me nervous and anxious. I'm not sure why...but they do...but HEY, THEY ARE A GOOD REMINDER TO GET YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD READY! (And we can't wait for your submissions!)

Happy October y'all!


  1. No PSL for me either and I LOVE all things pumpkin....just hate it in my coffee. :)

    1. Glad I have a few people on my team! JUST SAY NO to PSL!

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