Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WWLW: Jen and Ang

Hey friends!

Katy and I have some friends that we are just IN LOVE with and honestly, we would be just horrible people if we didn't introduce you to them. Maybe some of you know them...they are kinda famous. Just a tad famous in fact. And they may not really be our friends, but we know if they met us they would totally fall in love with us too.

First up...Angie Smith:
Isn't she beautiful!
And she's just as pretty on the inside.

We first "met" Angie through her blog - Bring the Rain. Go ahead, go read it now. You're back! Her story is moving, isn't it. We both have read her book, "I Will Carry You" and were captivated by her unwavering love for Jesus, even in the rain. And then we heard her speak at dotMom. Y'all, this woman can PREACH! Her talk was titled, "Evaluating the Subtext of Parenting". I won't rewrite her entire speech her, but two of the things she said that have stuck with me are "My children are not props in my performance" and "My child, you are NOT an inconvenience to me". Now that's some good stuff.

We fell a little deeper in love with good ol' Ang this summer when we did her bible study Seamless.

Katy and I really wanted to the study and we decided to invite our friends and their friends...and y'all...we were blessed by the study and this group of ladies. If you have done ZERO or HUNDREDS of bible studies, this one is for you. 

Love these ladies!

And now...Jen Hatmaker:
She's beautiful too...inside and out!

We also "met" Jen through the blogging world. Go read her "about"...she just a cool chick. She has some awesome posts that have gone of our most favorite is Worst End of School Year Mom Ever, we can totally relate! And this post was pretty AWESOME too. She and her family are also pretty famous from their TV show - My Big Family Renovation. And she's writes books, NBD. I read 7 a few years ago and really could relate to her feeling of TOO MUCH. She has a bible study associated with it now and Katy and I are thinking of doing it. Anyone out there done the 7 Bible Study?

And now she has gone and wrote another that is on the bestsellers list:

I am only a few chapters in, but goodness, it is great. Buy it here! And then this paragraph, "There is a biblical benchmark I now use. We will refer to this criterion for every hard question, big idea, topic, assessment of our own obedience, every 'should' or 'should not' and 'will' and 'will not' we ascribe to God, every theological sound bite. Here it is: If it isn't also true for a poor single Christian mom in Haiti, it isn't true." (Chapter 3, page 18)

Thanks for indulging us as we talk about our blog crushes...we think Ang and Jen are pretty cool and hope you do too!

If you have read any of their books or blog posts, we'd love to hear what you think! We love comments!

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  1. I just started For the Love!!! There is so much goodness to digest that I had to start taking notes!

    1. Hi Holly! It's Cindy. I read For the Love this week and I am in love. I am currently re-reading to underline, study and digest it again. Let's get together asap and discuss! XOXO

  2. I have got to start reading For the Love! I got it last week and really thought I would have plenty of down time last weekend to read bu no such luck. We should all meet up later this month and compare notes!


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