Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Y'all. This post is going to be a little different than our norm...because I NEED YOUR HELP!

Seriously, I need opinions, suggestions, links, lots of stuff. And I know that you all LOVE to give opinions! ;)

Please help a Merry Momma out.

Okay, so here's the deal...the Munson fam has our Christmas card photo shoot in two short weeks.

AND I HAVEN'T finalized our clothing!


I know, I know...I am basically not following my own advice, but...hey, you get a sneak peak at our 2015 card!

I'm not going to give away the entire card, but we are going with a VERY outdoorsy feel.

Think plaids, hiking, nature, 

Months ago I bought the outfits below:

I sent the pictures to our photographer and included the text, "I'm just not feeling this...at all!" I couldn't put my finger on it, but it wasn't what I had in mind. I liked the pink and the hubby - Josh - has NO problems wearing pink (he has 3 daughters and coaches xc and track to about 80 young ladies - he's got the pink thing down), but it just wasn't right. Photographer agreed. I think I was "trying too hard" or something. I put the dress and shirt in the closet for future wear (just not our family photo shoot).

And then about 4 weeks ago I found this dress at Target. I love it! Navy, red and forest green PLAID (so outdoors and in style), in a cute DRESS. I was sold. It was only available in toddler size, so I snatched that $14.99 dress up in a 4T and declared it to be my starting point for our pictures. The boots are from Target as well, and yes, they do have a bit of gold sheen to them. I haven't decided if I want Millicent (youngest Munson gal - will be age 3 years and 360 days at the time of pics) to wear tights or not, which leads us to Q1:

Question 1 - What, if anything, should Millicent wear on her legs?

Here's a close up of the plaid:

Josh's outfit is almost complete as well. He is wearing a navy Columbia shirt, jeans and his hiking boots. He has a thermal/waffle grey undershirt, but I wonder if it will not blend well with the brown/cream in the plaid, so Q2:

Question 2 - Should I get Josh a cream undershirt?

And now we are to the TOUGH questions...


I am pretty certain I want to wear this oversized boyfriend type cream cardi from Forever 21. It is pretty cute on, it makes you feel kind of like you are wearing a blanket.

I can't decide what to wear with it...I think some cute jeggings would be good, but I could pull in the red color with the red pants. But the red pants are pants and do people wear pants outdoors? No, not really, they wear jeans. So if I wear the jeans, do I pull in red, navy or forest green. (I wore an army green vest/jacket in last years pic, so I am a tad hesitant to wear any green this year.)

Here's some things I pulled from my closet...red shirt and jeggings, denim shirt and red pants, navy shirt and jeggings.

Questions...I have lots of them!

Question 3 - What should I wear on the bottom?

Question 4 - What shirt do I wear?

Question 5 - Shoes...so I put those cute booties out for the pics, but I am not 100% sure that's the look I want. What shoes? (And know that I don't mind buying new things, BUT I do have to keep my spending in our budget. {womp womp to being an adult! #adultingishard #andnotalwaysfun})

Next up -- Caroline! She's 7 and truly is our most outdoorsy sporty girl. I have decided she is wearing jeans and some sort of green on top. 

Sleeveless, thermal/waffle, fringe sweater thing...oh the thoughts running through my head? The sleeveless is cute, but if we all have on long sleeves, do it look silly? The thermal is cute and so "in the theme", but it doesn't have layers or texture or anything that pops out at you. I like the fringe, but will need a tighter fitting undershirt. And the green is a slightly bringhter/lighter shade of green. How could I layer options 1 and 2. I think I like the idea of her having on lighter colored jeans, but...will they be too light and would dark look better, especially with the fringe shirt. {Aren't you glad you aren't in my head? And aren't you glad you aren't Katy or our photographer and you don't have to see the 2,784,921 texts about all this stuff! ;)}

Question 6 - What should Caroline wear?

Last but not least, our darling Annaliese.

I wanted Annaliese to pull in the red color, so I came up with these options.

I really like the denim jacket and the dress, but...(you knew that was coming, right?!?!) Annaliese wore a dress in last year's pic and I do denim A LOT. I like it, but don't know that it should be in every picture we take. Option 2 is the front runner for me. The vest is fuzzy and adds lots of texture to a pic. Option 3 is not really in the running, but I had the shirt so I threw it in there. Maybe one of you can convince me to use it. Option 4 is okay, but again with the sleeveless.

Question 7 - What should Annaliese wear?

Additionally, I have these 2 cardis and this dress available. The girls could also wear cowboy boots, all three have a pair. #werefromtexasyall

And, we haven't even started talking about HAIR FLAIR! Any ideas on that?!?!

Question 8 - Hair? How? What flair, if any?

I can't wait to hear from all of you! Comment below!

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  1. Holy moly....love all the questions! I totally wrote my answers out on a desperate sheet lol. Here's my opinions.....
    Q1 - boot socks could be cute!
    Q2 - yes
    Q3 - jeggings
    Q4 - I like red but I also like navy if you add a scarf/jewelry to break up the blue
    Q5 - LOVE booties
    Q6 - look 3 hands down
    Q7 - look 2
    Q8 - braids could be really cute since its outdoorsy? I would go with simple hair flair.....check out Tessa sweet on Instagram ;)

    1. I def think one, two or all three of the girls will be rockin' some sort of braid! And the boot socks have been ordered! Thanks for answering and helping! And now I'm insta looking at Tessa's bows...oh so cute!

  2. I will answer questions when I get to a pause in my day but did you see the green vest at target ?

    1. No, do you have a pic of the green vest?!? Would love to see it!

  3. 1. Black or cream tights
    3 & 4 I like picture 2 with demon top, red pants
    5. Booties
    6. I like pic 1 but not sure about sleeveless, pic 2 with a cute fur vest
    7. Pic 2
    Although, with these choices, only Millicent will be in a dress.

    1. Thanks for responding! I have had a few folks (not on the blog) tell me to go with the red pants...I am now on the hunt for some red skinny jeans. I think they would look better than the pants. Know of any place that has red skinnies?

  4. 1.boot socks
    2. no.
    3&4.i like picture 2 pants, top in picture 3
    5. No idea.
    6.No sleeveless. I say pic two or get her the green vest and cream shirt underneath.
    7. i like option1 but think you may need tights. But you could do pic 2 with skinnies and exposed boots.
    8> Millie needs hair flair. I have a cute cream headband that would work.

    Also you need long necklace.

  5. 1. Boot socks
    2. I like his outfit as is
    3-5. Hmmm...I'm gonna be honest, I can't decide if the cream is working for me but it may be because they are all separate right now. I need a group shot of all the outfits together. As is, I feel like the cream sweater would stick out. But I say jeans on bottom!
    6. I like the long sleeves for caro
    7. Stripes!
    8. Agree with Lauren, braids on Caro, maybe piggies for Anna and a fun headband for Mills? I'll text you 1420 times tomorrow. ;)

    1. Boot socks ordered! In my head, the cream is soft and warm and you are out by the campfire...we can/will play around lots before these pics! Where are my texts? ;)


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