Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Designer Showcase: Email Etiquette

Nichole here. Today we are going to be covering the topic of email etiquette. Sounds pretty simple right? The sad truth is, this is something that must be discussed. In this day and age, where everything happens in an instant and we don't like to be kept waiting, this is a very important step in the card design process.  

Y'all, I know you're excited, but most designers do not have a turn around of a few hours. Please set realistic expectations for them - if you need a faster turn around time, then make sure to let the designer know in the initial email. We understand, things happen - you need a last minute card or invite and sometimes you may even be waiting on the photographer to send you pictures. Set the expectation up front. In the last post I discussed questions to ask the designer before you pull the trigger on your card design. The designer should be able to provide a turnaround time. Please remember that these are busy times. We want you to be happy. We want to be happy.

That includes letting us know that you aren't happy with the initial design - let us know. Be clear and communicate with us. We can't read your mind about how much you do or don't love the design, so let us know. We really do want you to be happy - our business depends on you! Let us know because we want to work with you again and again and we want you to to be excited to "share the merry" as the Mommas say!

Yes, should you find yourself past the turnaround date, please ask. Sometimes technology goofs and gets that email lost in space, and sometimes the designer just forgot to press send. YIKES! True Story! Not my finest moment....

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