Monday, September 21, 2015

A Year in Review

Happy Monday y'all! We've gotten so many requests about a year in review card so we are thrilled to be sharing today's card with you! We actually did some InstaStalking and discovered Kristin's card with #ChristmasCardCarousel and asked if she would be willing to share! She sent it to us THAT SAME DAY. Kristin - we heart you. And we know our readers will too...

WhoJosh, Kristin, Ella (9) and Sophie (5) Fields

Locationa tiny town just outside of Birmingham, AL

PropsThe only prop we used this year was LOCATION!

ClothesNot sure this one is applicable, given the nature of our card!

WE LOVE THIS CARD! For so many reasons but mostly because they celebrated the EVERY day. Not just one - which some of you may think totally contradicts our normal blog posts, but y'all - how awesome is this card??!!  

CommentsWhen we took photographs for last year's cards on our family vacation, I immediately fell in love with them, BUT I couldn't get over the fear that we were missing something. We had done so many fun things in 2014 and traveled to some equally fun places and I was having a really hard time not sharing them all! At the last minute, I scrapped my standard photo card in favor of something a little quirky. We added a photo from every month, along with some fun (and funny) facts about our year - infographic style!

We are so glad you did! This card is adorable and really shares your entire year with us! A perfect way for everyone to keep up with what you and your family have been up to! Here are some other fun examples we found on the interwebs...

Designer: I designed these cards myself! I'm a freelance graphic designer and holiday cards are one my favorite ways to collaborate with clients. Check out her recent work here

Photographer Our "official holiday photo" (in December's square) was taken by Kamin Williams of Spark & Arrow

Favorite Thing: Definitely the infographic. While we shared some pretty tame facts on the back (like travel destinations and the ages of our girls), I really loved the tongue-in-cheek moments (like how many cats we managed to kill) even more!

We are impressed with how much your DP consumption went down. Here are some other funny ideas to include on your infographic this year. We can relate to the loss of binkies, number of diapers changed but we aren't quite sure how someone only consumed 15 pizzas in a year! :)

1 /2/3

(And spoiler alert: One of the Merry Mommas may actually trade in a letter for an infographic.) (Extra spoiler alert: Who are we kidding - we will do both!)

Blog: Taz and Belly

Extras: Kristin is talking all about her Christmas in September today so be sure to check out her post. She is also debuted a BEAUTIFUL and amazing new concept and design of combining bible journaling with Christmas cards and the results are breath taking. In her words:

These Mixed-Media Holiday Cards incorporate a painterly, hand-lettered Bible page on the front and can include your choice of photograph(s) and text on the back OR can be printed as postcards with space for a hand-written note. 

I can't really do them justice, so make sure to check out her post about it here so you can see an example. 

And because we know you'll adore her as much as we do, here's all the ways you can follow along with Kristin and Taz + Belly: 

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