Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites: JJD Returns

We are so happy that Becca is back to share some of her favorite card designs! If you see something you like make sure to check out her webpage to start designing your card for this season!

Hi there, this is Becca from Jumping Jax Designs! Today I want to share with you some of my very favorite holiday card designs, and what makes them really stand out to me!

Aside from the fact that these faces are some of my favorite kiddos and families (seriously, how blessed am I to make cards for my gorgeous friends + their families?!), these cards are my very favorites. And here's why:

This one is a favorite because of the way the colors of the card tie in perfectly with the colors of their outfits. The earthy tones go so well with the woodsy picture setting. This is the beauty of having a custom card designed; it is made JUST for you, and for your beautiful family photo!

I do realize that this gorgeous family totally makes this card, but I also love love love me some black, white and gold. (So much so that I'm going to have an office in those colors very soon!) The simplistic design allows the colors of the photo to pop and gives it a modern feel, while still bringing cheer!

Is anyone else head-over-heels in love with farmhouse style lately? This card reminds me of shiplap. I just love the natural accents, and the fact that it is very muted colors allows the photo to stay the focus, so that is what the eye is drawn to!

This one is just too cute because of the picture. Kids in Christmas jammies is swoon-worthy enough, but then make it MATCHING Christmas jammies? In vibrant colors? Yes please. I matched the card to the jammies (again, perks of having a card customized for you!) so it just feels very cohesive and happy.

Truthfully, I really love all of the Christmas cards that leave my hands, so choosing favorites was tricky! Be sure to read all of the Merry Momma's posts here so that you too can absolutely love your card design!

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  1. Adorable! These cards make me wish I had kids so I could take autumn photos of them :)

  2. All these post have me really thinking I'm going to go with just one picture this year!


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