Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites: Maroon

It's no secret that the Merry Mommas are AGGIES and we love all things AGGIE so for today's Friday Favorites we present 

Aggie Football
The Aggies kick off their season tomorrow in Houston against Arizona State. BTHO ASU! WHOOP!
(If you need help understanding those last two sentences, click here.)
And, in case you weren't hyped enough, enjoy:

As Texas gals, we {OF COURSE} love a pickup truck, but we love a vintage maroon pickup truck even more! One of our local photographers, Amber of Amber Janine Photography, is hosting an Aggie Tailgate Mini Session. You may remember seeing this on our favorite local blog - The Dish when we hosted Christmas in July with them! Merry Momma Cindy's great mother-in-law saw it and gifted a session to Cindy and her two sis-in-laws. Yep! The entire Munson clan will be getting Aggie pics. WHOOP! 

Which leads us to #3 and #4...WHAT DO WE WEAR? Maroon, of course...but WHAT exactly?!?

Persnickety Clothing
Y'all. We are not billionaires. I know, I know, this may come as a shock to most of you...but if we were, our girls would own every piece of Persnickety's 2015 Fall Line - Into the Woods. The price tag is a little steep, but OH, the clothing is so





Old Navy
But alas...we live in the real world with mortgages and savings accounts and soccer teams and piano lesson AND OLD NAVY. Old Navy has hit it outta the ball park with their maroon items this fall, they loving call the color marion berry, but we all know it's MAROON.

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  1. ooooo I sent all the shorts with Amber to her house. See if any of those fit your girls!

  2. Girls, this post was nothing short of greatness! Just when I think I can't get any more Gig-ed up excited, I see this post!!! LOVED everything (and now I'm off to order the maroon eyelet dress - I'll be the only one wearing it, right?!). :)

    1. The only one that matters! ;) ON had lots of maroon, order some other things too!


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