Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good Tidings...

Who: The Hot Mess Munsons - Josh, Cindy, Caroline, Annaliese and Millicent

Location: Lick Creek Park; College Station, TX

Clothes: Gap, Inc. should totally pay us. The only items not from Banana, Gap or Old Navy are my scarf and our shoes. Oh, and Annaliese's necklace - it came from Charming Charlie's and the hair flair - Caroline's hair pin is from MMK's stash of fun hair supplies and Millicent's headband is from Icing.

Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Company

Photographer: Again, you may have heard of her... Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography.

Favorite Thing: You may recall our card from last year; we LOVED it…but it was a lot. This year I knew I wanted only one image on the front and when Sarah emailed me the pics I knew this was the winner. I am a sucker for good back lighting! And like almost every other person in America, I am in love with the large loopy glittery (or foil pressed) message scrolled delightfully across an image and when a Merry Momma sees something she likes, she runs with it. We chose to use the phrase "Good Tidings" (which is a little different than the normal Merry Christmas we use) because really the message of Christmas for us is about the good news…the news that Jesus Christ was born, died for our sins and then rose again. And, because we MM are all about the honesty, I LOVE our outfits. Many, many, many a text were sent to MM Katy and Sarah about these clothes. I think Jesus likes them too. And Jesus likes tattoos…if you look closely you can see the girls' tats on their arms/hands. (Don't worry, they're fake!)

Extras: Every year Josh writes our year-in-review… I love that he does this and I love that he made people gasp a little this year (and I have received quite a few texts about this poem's ending! ha!)

How can you recreate this card: There are two key elements to this card - coordinating outfits and great sunlight. To achieve the look you want, start early and seek advice. I started working with the color scheme and knew I wanted navy and hunter green, I found the scarf online and it just popped out out me. So then I just started working from the scarf. I had Caro in a white shirt for a bit, but after sending a pic to Katy and Sarah we all agreed it was too much of a contrast and I went on a hunt for a coral shirt. I choose this scheme because it will go well in our home. Turns out it looks pretty good on a Christmas card too. And lighting…y'all…dawn or dusk are best. Talk with your photographer and be on time…20 minutes later and the pics look completely different.

Get PINspired:

Parks and woods are great for the outdoorsy look -

Both pictures are from Heather Armstrong Photography

And Minted and Tiny Prints have great single pic cards with delightful sayings options:

Good Tidings y'all! 
I hope 2015 is full of good news for you and your family!

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  1. Turned out super! Just realizing after reading this post that I have also been following pics of your girls growing up through Sarah as well as MM K's family....I totally remembered as soon as I saw Millicent's name and sweet little face. I remember her first year pix.


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