Monday, December 1, 2014

Merry Monday from the Stamps Family

Hi friends!  Does this family look familiar? I am going to assume that 99% of you said YES because it is the KELLY STAMPS and her family from the famous blog - Kelly's Korner.

Yep! Kelly loves us enough to send in her card! (Hint, hint...Erin and Melanie! ;))

Who: Scott, Kelly, Harper and Hollis Stamps

Where: Bentonville, Arkansas

Clothes: Kelly and Scott shopped their closet and Kelly scored these darling Trish Scully dresses off of Zulily.

Designer: Paper Coterie

Photographer: Bethany Blair Photography

Kelly's Comments: I chose the card because I love chalkboards and the verse was a special verse this year and one that I memorized this year.

Kelly's Favorite Thing: I just LOVE Christmas cards. I love being able to share my family with all of our friends and getting to get their cards and save them and pray over them throughout the year.

Merry Mommas' Thoughts: EEK! We just posted Kelly's card! Just so you all know, we really are friends with Kelly.  Okay, okay, friends may be stretching it a bit, but we met her at a Jesus conference for moms (DotMOM - it is an amazing conference.) and she knows us and knows we aren't psycho stalkers. (Just regular nice stalkers. :)) Anyway...more on Kelly and blogs in a bit. The card is just precious, just like Kelly. The family pic on the front is sweet and simple. The family is coordinated, but not matchy-matchy. We love the cowboy booted darling little girls on the back. And sharing your favorite bible verse is always meaningful. Thanks for sharing Kelly!

Blogs - Y'all. Kelly's Korner is the blog that started us on the blog bandwagon. I'm (MM Cindy) not sure where or how I first saw Kell's blog, but I shared it with MM Katy and we became obsessed. Maybe obsessed isn't the right word, but really really intrigued. We started reading and finding other blogs. Then we started our own blogs. MMK still has her personal blog - Katy - The Queen of The Kings - and it's adorable. And then of course we started this blog...and the rest is history. :)

I think we could all debate the good, the bad and the ugly of all forms of social media...But today I want to talk about the good.

Katy and I started reading KK about the time we had our first Merry Littles...and yes, it is a Mommy Blog, but it also a place of community. We would nod our heads at her stories, laugh at the antics of babies, then toddlers and feel welcome. Other blogs have inspired us and let us join their communities and we are thankful for them. We love our local communities - school communities, work communities, church communities, etc. and we love the online community that blogs bring together. Blogs share ideas, laughter, fun and even heartache. Being part of a community means that you open yourself up to love and friendship and well that might as well be the Merry Momma's theme song because after loving Jesus, our hot hubbies and our darling kids and awesome families - friendship is our #1 pursuit. And we love the friendship found in to our favorite bloggers - THANK YOU!

Kelly Stamps - Kelly's Korner
Melanie Shankle - The Big Mama Blog
Erin Carroll - Blue-Eyed Bride

What's your favorite blog? Comment below, we are always looking for inspiration!

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  1. Her card is adorable...but how can you go wrong with those sweet babies?! I can totally relate to every word regarding the blogging world. I am a blogaholic after finding several blogs last fall (including yours!) to follow and began considering my own blog. I was on a trip to NYC in January and I dreamed up my blog name and it still took me 6 months to dive in...but it has been so much fun!


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